Both GOP and Dems Win In Key State Elections

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by Rodney Pelletier  •  •  November 6, 2019   

Virginia and Kentucky elections serve up partisan majorities in battleground states

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DETROIT ( - Off-season election results favoring Democrats are not game-changers for the upcoming presidential election, despite impending threats of Trump impeachment.

In Virginia yesterday, Democrats took complete control of both the state senate and house of delegates, making the state totally blue for the first time in more than 20 years. It has voted Democrat in every presidential election since 2008 and pollsters expect the Virginia to continue the trend for 2020.

In February Democrat governor Ralph Northam received scant liberal media attention when a 35-year-old image surfaced allegedly portraying him in blackface. At first he apologized but reversed course the following day, maintaining it was not him in the picture. Although an inquiry was launched, no final determinations have been made and Northam has continued to enjoy support from Democrats and the media.

Republicans in Kentucky, one of the 2020 election battleground states, is looking at a loss with Democrat Andy Beshear being declared the winner of the state's closely contested gubernatorial election. Republican governor Matt Bevin, however, is refusing to concede the election, claiming "irregularities" in the vote counting process and demanding a recount.

Beshear managed to grab 49.2% of the vote with Bevin coming in just slightly less at 48.9% — a difference of 4,600–5,100 votes between the two.

Bevin had a relatively low approval rate among voters, hovering around 30% and getting a bump to nearly 50% after President Trump campaigned in the state last week. He has 30 days to apply for a recount. Republican senate president Rod Stivers pointed out last night the state legislature could decide the outcome of the election.

Kentucky, however, remains firmly in the Republican camp with both state houses holding a Republican majority. Added to that is Daniel Cameron's historic win as attorney general — making him the first Republican to hold the office in nearly 70 years. President Trump also supported Cameron in his campaign in support of Kentucky Republicans.

In Mississippi, Republican Tate Reeves was elected governor, making a surprising upset since he was 17 points behind his Democrat opponent Jim Hood, who was projected to win.

Trump tweeted his congratulations to Reeves:

But despite the Democrats and liberal establishment media pushing for Trump's impeachment, 56% of voters believe he will be reelected next year, with a third of Democrats agreeing.

In key swing states Trump's overall polling is about the same as his opponents. Bernie Sanders, whose campaign is now plagued with questions regarding his physical fitness after a sudden heart operation last month, is neck and neck with Trump or only slightly ahead in Wisconsin and Michigan — two key states in the 2016 election.

Trump is also ahead of Elizabeth Warren in all swing states except Arizona which has them tied.

Joe Biden, another Democrat hopeful, is also roughly tied with Trump in North Carolina, Michigan and Pennsylvania.

Breitbart's John Nolte comments:

While Biden might have the best shot at stopping Trump, everyone knows that is only on paper. Biden is a terrible campaigner. The fact that his son looted at least three foreign countries that we know of is a huge liability Trump will exploit to the hilt. And Joe is old, and I don’t mean in years, but physically and mentally, and he was not all that together as a younger man. If Biden wins the nomination, Trump will work that frail, old man into the ground during the general election. Trump deliberately and effectively exhausted Hillary Clinton, and he plans to do it again.

According to a Monmouth University poll, 62% of Trump's supporters report they will continue to stand behind the president regardless of his public image.

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