Republicans’ Registration Resurgence

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by Joseph Enders  •  •  July 21, 2022   

GOP overtakes Dems in several states

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The GOP is preparing for victory in Congress on Nov. 8, and more and more election predictors are revealing a red wave on the horizon. In tonight's In-Depth Report, Church Militant's Joseph Enders joins us tonight to talk about voter registration.

GOP voter registration appears to be way up. In tonight's In-Depth Report, we dive deep into the registration ramifications for Democrats and Republicans.

Kentucky's GOP has overtaken the Democrats in voter registration for the first time ever. The Kentucky state board of elections announced Friday, roughly 1,612,000 Republicans are registered to vote in 2022 compared with 1,610,000 Democrats — a difference of roughly 2,500. 

Jim Ellis, political analyst, Church Militant: "This is a growing trend around the country we're seeing since the Biden administration took over. We're seeing a clear pattern that Republicans are in a better position on registration than they have been in the past."

In Florida as of late March, Republican voter registration had a net gain of 363,000 voters since 2018, giving the GOP 100,000 more than the Democrats.

Jim Ellis: "Well, this is further evidence that Florida is moving away from being a traditional swing state, as it has been, into a Republican state. And we're going to see, I think, a good year in Florida for Republicans."

Nationally, since 2021, Republicans have gained over 1 million voters, mostly suburban swing voters.

Jim Ellis:

We certainly see these woke district attorneys who are giving criminals a break regardless of what they do. They seem to be not paying for that. That is driving people away from the woke ideology in the Democratic Party. In education, particularly with local school boards, the CRT [critical race theory] — the types of things that students — particularly young, young kids are being taught — people are beginning to rebel.

Other critics credit the losses to phony Catholic Joe Biden's abysmally low approval rating.

Jim Ellis: "President Biden's approval rating has dropped here in the last 10 national approval polls down to under 37%. So we're reaching territory we haven't seen in an awful long time, and it's all policy-driven [change]." 

This is good news for the GOP, especially in Pennsylvania, where Democrats traditionally have a 10-point registration advantage before Election Day. 

Jim Ellis: 

As Ohio was becoming a swing state and now has moved clearly on more to the Republican column, we're seeing the seeds of that being sown in Pennsylvania, where — for the first time in decades — the difference between Democratic registration and Republican registration is now under half a million.

With Trump at the helm of Republicans, the GOP taking back both houses appears imminent. Republicans are not only making major gains in voter registration; they are also overperforming in turnout.

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