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by Trey Blanton  •  •  September 2, 2020   

Wisconsin volunteer fights human traffickers

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Millions of women and children are victimized each year by human trafficking, and far too few are ever rescued from their nightmare. 

But a group of people are fighting to tip the scales in favor of the victims. A Green Bay-area volunteer is leading the effort in Wisconsin to raise awareness and money.

Tiffani Pfefferle: "We are here today to raise awareness about human trafficking and also to raise funds to donate to Destiny Rescue to save our children."

Selling brats, shirts and lawn signs, Tiffani is in the middle of a multi-week campaign to raise the $6,000 it takes to rescue four children.

Destiny Rescue, the organization mobilizing volunteers, explains how it rescues children:

We do border-crossing rescue, and so [we help] people who are being trafficked acrosss the border. We have stations there, and we rescue one to two [people] a day on that border. We also have relational rescues where agents go out and build a relationship, and we also do raids where our rescue agents go in and build a file against an establishment and do a raid to shut down the establishment selling children.

Destiny Rescue operates in several countries, including Thailand, Cambodia, Nepal and other locations. One operation was successfully executed in July in the Philippines, but more support is needed to ensure work can continue.

For Tiffani and others, the message is clear: "Save our children!"

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