Rhode Island Bishop Warns of Pro-Abort Politicians

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by Church Militant  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  April 26, 2016   

Supporters of abortion endorse "a choice that ends the life of an innocent human being"

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PROVIDENCE, R.I. (ChurchMilitant.com) - A Rhode Island bishop is delivering a stark message to Catholic voters concerning pro-abortion politicians.

In a statement released last week on Facebook, Bp. Thomas J. Tobin of Providence warned Catholics to "never to vote for any candidate, of any party, who supports abortion."

"And don't be fooled by those who say they 'aren't pro-abortion, but are just pro-choice,'" the bishop advised. "It's a smoke screen for what they really believe, but are afraid to admit." He continued:

After all, what kind of choice are they promoting? They're not talking about choosing a favorite ice cream flavor, are they? And it's not about so-called "reproductive freedom or women's health care" either. Clearly, politicians who support abortion are encouraging a choice that ends the life of an innocent human being and ultimately harms the mother, personally and spiritually!

As Pope Francis has reminded us: "It is not progressive to try to resolve problems by eliminating human life."

An additional post came two days later, in which the bishop described Planned Parenthood as "the most dangerous place in America."

Bishop Tobin took a stance against abortion in January after he turned down an invitation to attend the inauguration of Rhode Island's then governor-elect Gina Raimondo, who was endorsed by Planned Parenthood, for her support of abortion, noting it would "always be a problem for me personally to attend the inauguration of any public official who promotes or supports abortion, which we consider to be a very grave moral evil." Instead the bishop stated he would be "offering Holy Mass at the cathedral at that same time to ask for God's blessings upon our state and nation and our public servants."

Raimondo, who professes to be Catholic, came under fire for her position on abortion during her campaign for governor, most notably receiving condemnations from Bp. Tobin and La Salle Academy, a Catholic preparatory school in Providence that removed alumnus Raimondo's photo from their Wall of Notables.

The comments from Bp. Tobin come ahead of the Rhode Island primaries for the 2016 presidential race, scheduled to be held today. GOP front runner Donald Trump has recently come under fire from social conservatives after stating on NBC's Today show he would "absolutely" change the GOP platform on abortions to insert exceptions for rape, incest and the life of the mother. However, the candidate maintains his position remains in line with the pro-life faction of the Republican party.


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