Rising Leftist Totalitarianism

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by Trey Blanton  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  June 24, 2021   

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According to some analysts, the United States is on the cusp of a cultural revolution on par with the communist revolts in Russia and China, which led to the deaths of tens of millions. Church Militant's Trey Blanton brings attention to a new Canadian documentary making inroads in the states.

2020 saw a Marxist blitz in America with rioting and documented election fraud. Canadian filmmaker, Curt Jaimungal, released this year the documentary Better Left Unsaid, which captures the rising "woke" culture and its connection to previous totalitarian revolts.

Curt Jaimungal: "The world is upside down. I thought the whole idea was to not judge people by their skin color."

Experts in various fields explore the precursor events signaling a potential paradigm shift in the West, including the demise of academia.

Professor Mark Mercer: "I have no interest in defending [J. Philippe] Rushton. I don't, in fact, understand his work at all, it's not an interest of mine. But, what does matter to me is that he was persecuted by members of the government." 

Prominent psychologist Jordan Peterson joined a panel discussion on the film, noting Western culture had fragmented after abandoning Christianity.

Jordan Peterson: "Every ideology that has a powerful motivational pull uses what is essentially religious language. It's a parasite, to use Gad [Saad's] word. An ideology is a parasite in an underlying religious structure. A proper religious structure gives you a balanced view of the world."

Professor Janice Fiamengo, a former feminist, condemns so-called social justice as unjust.

Janice Fiamengo: "They're interested in group membership and, really, they're interested in vengeance against the alleged oppressor. And they use terms like restorative justice."

Social media reactions have been limited, but mostly positive, viewing the film as a must-watch.

Jaimungal does not shy away from bad acts committed by the Right but is deeply alarmed by the rising trend of radical leftism being supported by academia and the political institution.

Fiamengo: "Once you have established the intolerable injustice that is being perpetrated by the oppressor group, there is no limit to which one cannot go, and claim moral righteousness in going, so long as one claims to be acting on behalf of the oppressed."

George Orwell popularized the idea of "thoughtcrime" in his book 1984. In his dystopian world, any dissent from party doctrine could be met with violence.

Even within Catholic circles, people have been persecuted as supposed racists for not toeing the line, and saying that Marxist groups like Black Lives Matter are foundationally evil.

Communism has never led to equality. The so-called oppressed merely went on to oppress others.

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