Rising Violence

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by Rodney Pelletier  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  January 26, 2021   

God's laws and the family under attack

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Violence is enveloping America. We've had 50 years of violence against the unborn, and as Democrats and useless Republicans take the reins of power, the violence is only increasing.

For the last four years, Democrats have been inciting violence against Donald Trump and conservatives. You don't have to search the seedy underbelly of the internet for secret recordings of our lawmakers plotting violence.

Just meet up with California Democrat Maxine Waters for a press conference, and she'll tell you about how Trump and his cabinet should be harassed wherever they go.

Or just watch CNN, and you can see their anchors calling Trump "literally Hitler."

But it's not just politicians facing threats of violence. Citizens are increasingly being put in the crossfire. November's Million MAGA March saw hundreds of thousands of patriots heading to Washington, D.C.

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What happened is that while marchers were together for the march's daytime activities, they were attacked by Marxist Antifa activists. Children were threatened in front of their parents, and their tears didn't move the savage mob one bit.

And don't forget the 2020 summer of carnage, where major cities saw massive burning, looting and murdering stemming from lawful arrests. It was the media that pushed the narrative that criminal black men were being hunted for sport by a profoundly racist police force.

Children were threatened in front of their parents, and their tears didn't move the savage mob one bit.

The Antifa stronghold of Portland, Oregon, saw Marxist riots for more than 100 days straight. But in all of that, the Democrats kept silent, refusing to condemn the violence and carnage.

Neither the more than $2 billion in property damage nor the rioting and looting by largely Democrat voters have been condemned. Even now, while the media is calling Capitol protesters "insurrectionists" and "seditionists," it continues writing off the summer's violence as a legitimate grievance.

The Biden administration is further promising that violence of another kind will sweep the nation. This is the violence of LGBT activism being normalized, the violence of unbridled abortion and the violence of unfettered illegal immigration.

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