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by William Mahoney, Ph.D.  •  •  June 22, 2021   

Parochial administrator apparently on board

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Rockford, Illinois Bp. David Malloy's mission to destroy good priests rages on. After illegally sidelining Fr. James Parker, Malloy's now trying to rewrite history. Church Militant's William Mahoney has more on the bad bishop's smear campaign. 

In a recent email to all priests in the Rockford diocese, Bp. Malloy offered his own version of what happened last Wednesday between the pastor he's sidelining, Fr. Parker, and the parochial administrator replacing him, Fr. Jared Twenty.

Malloy wrote Fr. Parker "kept [Fr. Twenty] from ... offering the parish Mass at 6:30 a.m." 

This, despite multiple eyewitnesses telling a different story.

Father Parker extended to Twenty the option to concelebrate, explaining he'd be offering a votive Mass, one offered for a special purpose or occasion, in this case, the votive Mass of St. Joseph.

Twenty refused, stating his intentions to the sacristan.  

Fr. Jared Twenty: "I'm just being obedient to my bishop. We're not doing that Mass. We're going to do the Mass of the day. Fr. Parker is not the pastor."

In a social media post on Friday, Fr. Parker explained, "While I maintain that, as a matter of Church law, I still hold the office of pastor of Holy Cross ... I acknowledge that it has become impossible for me to perform my pastoral duties under the present circumstances."

In addition to Malloy's attorney threatening Holy Cross employees, the bishop sent a letter to Fr. Parker on Friday threatening canonical penalties for staying on the premises and maintaining he's the pastor.

Meanwhile, on Sunday, Twenty preached one of his first homilies at the parish.

He characterized what played out during the week as "drama" and said he felt the Holy Spirit led him to conclude speaking of the events from the pulpit would be "insensitive."

Fr. Jared Twenty:

I'm not trying to ignore it. We all know that the parish has been through a tough time. And I do have things to say. And I know that a lot of people here have a lot of things to say that they might want to say to me or questions that they have for me. So, please know I am happy, willing and eager to hear what you have to say, to sit down and talk. So, please, feel free to come speak with me.

While Fr. Twenty might be open to questions, he's not interested in answering them, even simple ones of little or no consequence. 

Church Militant: "What years were you at the NAC [North American College seminary]?"

Fr. Jared Twenty: "I ... gosh ... ."

One priest from the area told Church Militant, "I blame Bp. Malloy for what has transpired at Holy Cross Parish, and I severely reproach Fr. Twenty for aiding and abetting Malloy in this tragic affair."  

Father further remarked Bp. Malloy would know what actually happened last Wednesday if he was present with his flock, as he should have been.

To the question Fr. Twenty refused to answer, he entered the NAC in 2011, under pro-gay rector, James Checchio, who's now the bishop of Metuchen, where disgraced pederast Theodore McCarrick got his start.

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