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by Stephen Wynne  •  •  March 26, 2019   

Watchdog group taking Cupich investigation to Spokane

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SPOKANE, Wash. ( - Illinois-based watchdog group Roman Catholic Faithful (RCF) is heading to the Pacific Northwest "seeking information on the political actions, the spiritual direction, and the troubling issues" surrounding Cdl. Blase Cupich, bishop of Spokane from 2010 to 2014.

As part of his ongoing investigation into the Chicago prelate, RCF's founder and president, Stephen Brady, is hosting a conference at Spokane's Centennial Hotel on Saturday, March 30, from 5–10 p.m.

Brady told Church Militant on Sunday that he plans to address the homosexual infiltration of the Church, drawing from his experience exposing former Springfield Bp. Daniel Ryan as a pederast as well as his investigation of the archdiocese of Chicago, which he describes as ground zero for corruption in the U.S. Church. He said he'll also address how intentional de-catechizing after Vatican II laid the groundwork for the advancement of the gay cabal.

"They had to get rid of the 1917 Code of Canon Law because of its treatment of the sin of homosexuality/sodomy," said Brady. "Likewise, they had to end the use of the Baltimore Catechism because it made very clear where the Church stood on these and other issues — including the fact that only a priest could touch the Sacred Host."

"Next," he noted, "the traditional Mass had to be gotten rid of because with the traditional Mass, there could be no gay flags flying in the sanctuary, no dancing girls, and no heretical comments by the priests."

Reflecting on the impact of bad bishops on the U.S. Church, Brady continued.

"For more than 60 years, those members who were part of the corrupt hierarchy in the Catholic Church were not satisfied with their 30 pieces of silver," he said. "They spent their entire lifetime in the hierarchy destroying souls, stealing money and feeding their appetites. 'Better for them had they never been born,' as Christ said to Judas."


"What is left, no matter how small, of the orthodox hierarchy within the system cannot be trusted — should not be trusted — until they come completely clean about the corruption that has gone on for years," he added. "Most importantly, they must lay bare everything they have known about the late Cdl. Joseph Bernardin of Chicago and all his cohorts."

In addition to spotlighting Cupich, Brady plans to delve into Bernardin's legacy. Bernardin, archbishop of Chicago from 1982 until his death in 1996, had a colossal impact on Catholicism in the United States. Known as a "kingmaker," over the course of his ecclesiastical career, he consecrated more than two dozen like-minded men to the episcopate, effectively remaking the Church in his own image and severing millions of American Catholics from their orthodox roots.

Brady will revisit the story of 'Agnes,' a woman who testifies that in 1957, at the age of 11, she was raped by Bernardin as part of a diabolical ceremony in his native South Carolina.

On Saturday, Brady will revisit the darkest corner of the Bernardin legacy, spotlighting the growing raft of evidence that the cardinal — a known protector of predator priests — was himself a perpetrator. Brady plans to spotlight the case of "Agnes," who testifies that in 1957, at the age of 11, she was raped by Bernardin as part of a diabolical ceremony in his native South Carolina.

Having met Agnes early in his years-long investigation into Bernardin, Brady affirms the veracity of her account. In a 2000 RCF report, he noted that "in sworn deposition, in accounts to investigators, in affidavits submitted in support of others' cases, in direct statements to Bernardin, in phone calls and letters to Church officials and in correspondence with Vatican officials (all of which RCF has examined)," Agnes has remained steadfast in her testimony against the cardinal.

"We ought to remind ourselves that although the Catholic laity may never know the good vs. evil struggles that take place within the Church hierarchy, one thing we do know is that there is an element within the Church that is controlled by 'The Father of Lies,'" Brady wrote in 2000.

"We may never know the whole story, the whole truth until the day we stand in judgment," he observed. "It is enough that we do all we can to protect the innocent by shining the light of truth on those who operate in the dark. And it is the least we can do: it is a bit of justice for the victims."

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