Rome Fast-Tracks Two-Father Birth Certificate

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by Juliana Freitag  •  •  May 1, 2018   

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The gay lobby never sleeps. Only days after Turin succumbed to the pressure of gay activists and allowed, for the first time in Italy, two women to be registered as mothers of a child born on Italian territory, Rome has followed suit: The mayor there has taken the unprecedented step of fast-tracking a birth certificate showing a baby girl with "two fathers."
There had already been cases of transcriptions of birth certificates of gay couples with children born abroad, but this case differed in bypassing normal legal procedures and spontaneously transcribing the Canadian birth certificate — normally required to undergo judicial approval beforehand.
Lawyer Alexander Schuster, who had been advising the gay parents, as well as the mothers in Turin, declared, "[O]ur law firm has completed the transcription practice of a Canadian birth certificate ... which declared two fathers from birth. After a few months of debate with the municipal offices ... without the intervention of any judge, the outcome was the full transcription of the Canadian birth certificate."
"This wasn't a political choice, as the officers who went through with it are as impartial as judges," Schuster told news agency Ansa. "Theirs was a revolutionary decision to better safeguard the rights of children."
To liberal newspaper La Repubblica, the lawyer admitted that "a new jurisprudence is emerging." Schuster serves as a legal advisor to the European Commission and to the Council of Europe (self-described as "the continent's leading human rights organization").
It's contradictory that official European Union (EU) institutions allow their agents to disrespect laws in favor of practices they condemn. Surrogacy is illegal in Italy and prohibited in the European Union. Senator Maurizio Gasparri, speaking of the privileged treatment reserved to the gay couples in these cases, stated, "[Both cases] go against the principles of natural law and against the Italian civil code. These mayors are treading on the realities of life, of nature, of law."
Not only is the LGBT rights movement allowed to break the law, as their illegal achievements are celebrated as "progress." Meanwhile, those who are really fighting to "safeguard the rights of children" are outlawed at any cost. Church Militant recently reported how Roman authorities have removed from a busy street near the Vatican the largest pro-life poster in the history of Italian pro-life activism. The poster, removed on an allegation of "violation of civil rights," was taken down without any warning or official communication to ProVita Onlus, the pro-life association who put up the billboard. The Municipality of Rome couldn't even bother to respond to their calls. A picture of a baby in the womb is a violation of civil rights while denying a child a mother or a father, apparently, is not.
As if that wasn't enough, a Roman nursery school decided it was best not to celebrate Mother's and Father's Days because "it's discriminatory against homosexual parents." Unlike the birth certificate's transcription, this wasn't determined as "spontaneously, just a few days away from Mother's Day, a gay male couple with a child in the nursery felt they were being discriminated against. The school had initially proposed "facultative" Mother's and Father's Days but that one gay couple wasn't happy with that. They needed the entire school to hide the truth from them because they cannot bear it. The other parents were unhappy about the school's choice to replace the traditional festivities for a politically correct "Families' Day" and sent a complaint to the Municipality of Rome which, unsurprisingly, supported the school's decision. Association Articolo 26, a non-denominational association of parents for educational freedom and against ideological education in schools, stated, "[I]t's ideological to cancel the most important symbols of humanity, to whom the homosexual parents also belong, since they were also born of a man and a woman, as well as their children."
Virginia Raggi was elected mayor of Rome in 2016 with the Five Star Movement. She has been considered by some as one of the worst mayors Rome's ever had. Her right-hand man's been involved with corruption, and she has been consistently called a liar by the press, even by her left-wing sympathisers.


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