Rosary to the Limits of Time

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by Martina Moyski  •  •  December 21, 2020   

Polish organizer: 'Time to come back to the arms of the Father'

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WARSAW, Poland ( - Polish lay leaders are taking the Rosary not just to the borders of their nation this New Year's Eve but also to the limits of time.

Maciej Bodasiński

Maciej Bodasiński, the chief organizer of "Rosary to the Limits of Time," is inviting people from around the world to join in prayer throughout the day on Dec. 31 and up to the stroke of midnight. The theme of the initiative is "Let's go back to God the Father," in the spirit of the parable of the Prodigal Son, according to Bodasiński.

The organizer, who is also a filmmaker, said in a Facebook post:

We invite you to a very important event We have gone far from our Creator ... We must make a decision and come back [to] get down on our knees and be hugged by infinite Love. And just like in the parable, when we turn to the Father again, He will let us experience His love. He will come to meet us first.

Invitation to 'Real Joy'

Traditionally, Dec. 31 is a special day in European culture in which the transition to the next year is celebrated. Agnieszka Kminikowska, the press spokesperson for the event, was quoted in Polonia Christiana recently:

We associate New Year's Eve with joy. Real joy is the one that is the fruit of our Father's love experience in Heaven. Because this joy is also accompanied by a deep sense of freedom from worldly worries and the awareness that even when it is humanly difficult and difficult, there is Someone who watches over all this and Who takes care of all this chaos.

The organizers are asking people — wherever they are — to "persevere" in prayer during the day on Dec. 31 by saying: 

They are further asking clergy to participate so that the faithful can line up (while maintaining social distance) along the designated streets of their parishes, where priests carrying the Blessed Sacrament will bless them and the candles they are carrying.

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In any event, at midnight — the culminating moment — the organizers are asking the faithful to light candles. "In the Polish tradition, candles are always lit in the moment of danger — their flame lit up the surrounding darkness," the organizers say.

"We want to go out with Christ into the world [to pray] outdoors, on the edge of time," they said.

Sr. Eugenia Ravasio

The organizers explain that they are also inspired by the Italian nun Sr. Eugenia Ravasio (1907–1990) who, in addition to being devoted to the care of people suffering with leprosy, was instrumental in delivering the message of God's love for His children. 

Sister Ravasio was to have been given the only private revelation made personally by God the Father. Her revelations "remind us of His infinite love for us people. He is not a distant and severe God, but a close, caring God who permeates our everyday life." Bodasiński said. "The aim of this event is to open up to His Love and to receive this Love by as many people as possible."

Invitation: Lose the Fear

Bodasiński's vision of Rosary events has evolved over time.

After hearing about previous "Rosary to the Border" events in Japan, Fatima, New Zealand, and the Bagram military base in Afghanistan, his vision expanded. 

He said he wanted to herald a message not of fear but of openness. "Christianity is a religion of courage. If we fixate on fear, we will completely lose the life-giving power that flows from the Word, the Good News."

Bodasiński, along with Lech Dokowicz, another of the organizers, have emphasized the spirit of openness in promotional materials for the event:

Many paths are closed, but the path to the Hearts of Jesus and Mary is never closed. Together with them, led by St. Joseph, in the Holy Spirit we go to God the Father. At the edge of time, with a Rosary in our hands, we place our entire destiny in the almighty, loving and tender hands of our Creator. We ask for the grace of faith, for peace in hearts and for the wisdom of the Holy Spirit.

"We are in a dramatically difficult situation, and it will not change if we try to understand and solve it ourselves. The world without God the Father is doomed to failure. It has always been so, is and will be!" they added.

Many paths are closed, but the path to the Hearts of Jesus and Mary is never closed.

"We want to invite them to come back into the arms of God the Father," Bodasiński said.

The prayers will be broadcast at on New Year's Eve.

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