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by Nicholas Wylie  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  November 15, 2022   

Boarding-school abuse comes to light

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This next story contains some graphic content, so viewer discretion is advised. 

A recent documentary reveals decades of abuse at a Catholic school. Here to tell us more about the scandal across the pond is Church Militant's Nick Wylie

One of Ireland's top boarding schools has recently come into the news for its dark past. In tonight's In-depth Report, we discuss the recent revelations of abuse at Dublin's Blackrock College. 

Ciara Kelly, radio host, Newstalk: "It's like a pedophile ring operating and preying on children in plain sight whilst reaping the benefits of being respected members of the community. And it's sickening, and it's galling."

Decades of abuse at the hands of a religious order are coming to light as many survivors are speaking out about their time at an Irish secondary school.

According to the Irish Times, 57 men have alleged they were abused by members of the Spiritans while attending Blackrock College in Dublin.

Blackrock is a prestigious Catholic day and boarding school for boys aged 13 to 18.

Victims have begun to come forward after Mark and David Ryan shared their abuse story in an RTE Radio documentary.

David Ryan, abuse victim:

He would put me up against one of the walls. And he started groping me, feeling me, trying to get me erect. He was erect all the time and kissing me and fondling me around. And he masturbated himself off and he tried to do it to me many a time.

The Spiritans have disclosed that 233 men have come forward so far claiming abuse at the hands of 77 Irish members who ministered in Ireland and abroad.

Derek Coyle, former student, Blackrock College: "And he's in his robe, and he's coming close to me. He wants me to sit down, you know. And at risk of being expelled, I told him, 'Forget it. I'm out of here.'"

Three of the main priests accused are now deceased: Fr. Aloysius Flood, Fr. Senan Corry, and Fr. Tom O'Byrne.

Father O'Byrne, the priest who allegedly abused Mark and David, denied the charges brought against him by the brothers many years ago.

O'Byrne never faced trial, after a court ruled in 2007 that his criminal case should be halted due to his old age. 

One alleged victim, who uses the pseudonym Brian, spoke with the Irish Times, calling Flood and Corry "rapacious" and claiming that "they roamed freely at night. I was abused by both, as so many others were too."

Michelle Flood, Fr. Aloysius' niece, also claims to have been abused by her uncle, even reporting the abuse in 1997, which bore no results. 

John O'Dwyer, another alleged victim, claims priests and students at the school were "clearly aware of what was going on."

The abuse crisis in the Church can never be put to rest until all offenders are brought to light and victims receive justice.

Since 2004, The Spiritans have paid out over 5 million euros in abuse settlements and towards support services. 

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