Russian Sabotage

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by Trey Blanton  •  •  June 4, 2021   

Who has the upper hand?

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The Democratic Party's potential theft of the 2020 election has created a burgeoning foreign policy crisis weakening respect for America abroad. International powers are now using the Left's own messaging to back unelected Joe Biden into a corner and destabilize the United States. As Church Militant's Trey Blanton reports, attacks from Russia are expected to increase.

The consequences from Monday's cyberattack on the meat production company JBS are still unfolding. The latest failure of unelected Joe Biden to protect America adds beef to the list of goods becoming more expensive. Biden's policies have already seen Americans pay more for timber and gasoline.

RIA Novosti reports the FBI is accusing a Russian criminal ransomware group, REvil, of conducting the hack.

Jen Psaki: "President Biden certainly thinks that President Putin and the Russian government has a role to play in stopping and preventing these attacks."

Russia's deputy foreign minister warned Tuesday the United States could expect uncomfortable signals from the Kremlin.

Biden is expected to meet with President Vladimir Putin in Geneva on June 16 to discuss a range of issues. Many see the cyberattacks on beef and gasoline production as an extension of Russian policy to weaken America's position before the meeting.

Biden has accused Russia of violating human rights, which Putin has thrown back in his face for going after individuals tied to the Jan. 6 unrest on Capitol Hill.

Psaki: "Well, we don't use the Russian government as our guide to human rights models in the world. The president has not held back in his view the attacks on Jan. 6 were a mark on democracy."

The Left has destroyed cities with BLM, accused our own police of brutality and is clamping down on conservatives. Is it any wonder Russia is accusing America of violating human rights?

Russia wants to keep the West out of its military build-up against Ukraine. Agreeing to handle hackers within its own borders could be a powerful bargaining chip.

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