Same-Sex ‘Throuple’ Adopts Baby

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by Paul Murano  •  •  March 3, 2021   

Children used as guinea pigs

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Three homosexual men who made news in 2017 for legally adopting a baby are in the news again.

One of the men behind America's real-life version of Three Men and a Baby wrote a book (due out March 9) detailing their unnatural lifestyle and the adoption of a second baby.

Katy Faust: "For a child, there is no such thing as an intact household when you're talking about a same-sex parenting situation."

Being labeled a so-called polyamorous throuple, the three homosexuals recently adopted a baby boy together, after adopting a baby girl in 2017. Missing in the book, however, is the mounting evidence that children are harmed by having same-sex parents.

Father Paul Sullins: "[The] sexual revolution is ... the implementation and spread of the idea that sexuality should be practiced without restrictions and limits."

In fact, claims Fr. Paul Sullins, a noted researcher and sociologist, the more you deviate from the natural order of the family, the more children are wounded.

Sullins has written four books and over a hundred articles on this growing problem. His studies conclude that children raised by same-sex couples have twice as many emotional problems as those raised by heterosexual couples, and they are three times more likely to be suicidal.

Narrator: "Abuse has long-term consequences on a person's life."

A new project, the New Family Structures Study, surveyed over 3,000 adults raised by same-sex couples. It concluded children raised by homosexual couples are much more likely to suffer from substance abuse, criminal activity, infidelity in marriage and poor mental and physical health outcomes.

Since so-called same-sex marriage was forced on the nation by the Supreme Court in 2015, more and more unnatural relationships have been appearing on network television. Another so-called throuple that included two women and a man appeared on HGTV to buy a so-called family home in February.

Woman: "We're a throuple. It's a relationship; it's three people, not just two."

Their living arrangement included two children.

Katy Faust: "It's almost unanimously acknowledged that children suffer. Not just emotionally — but they're at higher risk for social and economic and  physical negative outcomes."

The legal push to force Catholic adoption agencies to place children with homosexual couples has been well documented and well covered. What the Luciferian media chooses to ignore, however, is the suffering that children endure throughout their lives when formed in families that deviate from the natural order.

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