Satanists Mock Stations of the Cross

News: Life and Family
by Church Militant  •  •  March 29, 2016   

Claim cross symbolizes the "burden of oppressive mandates endured by women"

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ANN ARBOR, Mich. ( - Christianity and the pro-life movement are continuing to be ridiculed by satanists.

A Good Friday vigil held outside of a Michigan Planned Parenthood abortion mill was disturbed by members of the Satanic Temple who openly mocked the Passion of Christ. Led by the Satanic Temple's national spokeswoman Andrea Potti (a.k.a., Jex Blackmore), a band of five satanists converged on a group of pro-lifers as Potti, who also acts as the head of the Temple's Detroit chapter, donned a crown of thorns and a fake pregnancy belly while dragging a large wooden cross.

A video of the spectacle shows the group walking the streets in front of the abortion mill as two of the satanists, wearing suit jackets bearing the names of pro-life Michigan lawmakers, pretend to scourge Potti in a scene self-described by the group as "Sanctions of the Cross." According to the satanists, their cross symbolizes the "burden of oppressive mandates endured by women."

"The Satanic Temple believes that all people are entitled to make informed decisions about their health, family and future without coercion," they claimed in a press release. "The philosophical and religious opinions of some should not be used to legislate morality."

According to Potti, "in the current abortion debate it's not the fetus, nor the Church that suffers — but women who bear the greatest burden." She has previously stated the Satanic Temple believes "that the body is inviolable, subject to our will alone. We consider theocratic reproductive mandates an attempt to control and degrade the individual."

The pro-life vigil was part of a nationwide event organized by the Pro-Life Action League titled "Way of the Cross for Victims of Abortions." A description of the events reads: "On a bleak Friday afternoon nearly 2,000 years ago, our savior Jesus Christ was crucified at Golgotha, 'the place of the skull.' Today, we have our own Golgotha: the abortion clinic, where His image is violently destroyed, again and again, by abortion."

In a press release Eric Scheidler, executive director of the Pro-Life Action League, stated:

These children's lives are ended, deliberately, before they even get to take their first breath. As Christians, we seek Christ's forgiveness for our sins. This sin of killing our own children is one of which our entire society must repent. If we cannot protect the child in the womb, we will never truly be a civilized, compassionate people.

Groups of protestors, which included numerous clergy, gathered Friday in over 70 cities throughout 28 states to recite various prayers, including the Stations of the Cross.

Friday was not the first time the Detroit chapter of the Temple invaded pro-life protests and prayer vigils. In August the cult performed a ritual across the street from a pro-life rally involving two females kneeling on the pavement and being doused with milk as the remaining satanists, some dressed as Catholic priests, shouted "Hail Satan" and other obscenities.

The Detroit branch is also responsible for the July unveiling of a statue of Baphomet. Church Militant was on the scene with a six-foot bronze statue of St. Michael and learned from staff who were able to enter the venue details concerning the debaucherous after-party. Upon leaving the scene staff members were tailed by a dark grey SUV holding at least four men.

In December Potti published a blog post titled "On Becoming Unmother," in which she outlined her plans to undergo an abortion; the post was picked up by several liberal media outlets launching Potti into the spotlight for a brief period of time.


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