Satanists Plan to Cast Mary into Hell

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by Joseph Gallagher  •  •  July 13, 2016   

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OKLAHOMA CITY ( - Oklahoma satanists are taking part in a public exhibit August 15, the Feast of the Assumption of Mary, where they plan to trap Our Lady in her own womb and cast her into Hell.

The religion of Ahriman is an offshoot of Zoroastrianism, considered one of the oldest monotheistic religions, dating back to 500 B.C. in Persia.

The religion initially spoke about the existence of two gods, one for good and the other for evil. As it evolved with time, the gods came to be known as Ahura Mazda (good) and Ahriman (evil).

The members of Zoroastrianism-related religions believe the two will battle at the end of time with the assistance of both angels, called ahuras, and demons, called daevas.

This specific religion has ties to Hinduism and its supreme goddess, Mahadevi, which brings all things into being and created the universe. They believe she has 10 forms, one of which is Kali. Kali is believed to be the one who supplies "Moksha" to Hindus who have successfully mastered their bodies during their worldly life.

Adam Daniels, head of the Ahriman religion, is convinced that by using the Hindu goddess Kali, Mary will be consumed and thrust into "the Hell mouth."

The process will begin with three people dancing counter-clockwise chanting a "Humiliate Mary Prayer" around a tantric trap that bears the symbol of the Miraculous Medal in the middle. According to the Ahriman religion, this gives "a direct spiritual link to call the Virgin Mary down and lock her in the trap."

This is meant to "trap" Mary in her own womb, and then crush the idol in the middle of the trap. Kali will then supposedly eat Mary's heart and throw her into Hell.

According to Daniels, "This is not a game. It's very serious to us. This will be held as a real black mass, altered to follow state laws."

He went on, "The purpose of the [black] mass is to de-program people from the influences of Catholicism and Christianity."

The ritual has been called the "Consumption of Mary" and will be held August 15, the Feast of the Assumption of Mary, one of the Catholic Church's high holy days. The event will take place in the Oklahoma City Civic Center Music Hall, and tickets are $35.

The group America Needs Fatima is collecting signatures to petition the local government to shut down the sacrilegious event. 


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