School Wars Escalate

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by Paul Murano  •  •  October 15, 2021   

Parents vs. Marxists

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The school wars are heating up — especially at school board meetings — and the nation's parents are not about to back down. Church Militant's Paul Murano focuses on both sides of the conflict, their interest and what's at stake.

In a recent Rasmussen poll of likely voters, 98% believe it's important that parents be involved in their children's education, and 68% think protesting a school board's agenda falls under free speech. Nonetheless, school boards and the federal government proceed to bully America's parents.

Suparna Dutta, chairwoman of Educators for Youngkin: "No one can take our place. And to tell us we have the audacity to speak up for our children was shocking, to say the least."
Xi Van Fleet was a Chinese dissident at the time of China's Marxist revolution.

Xi Van Fleet: "I spent my entire school years in the Chinese 'Cultural Revolution.' So I'm very, very familiar with the communist tactics."
Van Fleet knows very well the strategy of propagandizing children to create a totalitarian State.

Van Fleet: "All this is happening here in America. ... They called them racists for a long time, but that did not work. So they had to upgrade to domestic terrorists."
However, with Americans protecting their children from Marxist school boards, mothers are becoming pit bulls and fathers wild bears.

Angry man: "People like me and a line of other people out there who will gladly take your seat and figure it out."
As the school wars escalate and the Left continues to usurp the authority of parents .. this portion of their family-breakdown agenda may not come as easily as the divorce and abortion culture did a few decades ago.

These school wars have become the political hot-button issue that may defeat fake Catholic Terry McAuliffe, a Democrat, in the Virginia governor's race in 19 days. McAuliffe has denied critical race theory's being taught at schools and said parents need to butt out of debates over curriculum.

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