Scientists Cry Foul on ‘Gay Gene’ Study

by Rodney Pelletier  •  •  December 8, 2017   

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DETROIT ( - Scientists are debunking the legitimacy of a new study suggesting gay men are "born that way."

An article published on December 7 in Nature titled "Genome-Wide Association Study of Male Sexual Orientation" is suggesting a recent study of about 2,300 European men has found genetic markers indicating homosexual men may have a possible genetic predisposition to homosexuality.

The study, however, is facing searing criticism within scientific circles, with peers calling the results "weak evidence."

Jeffrey Barnett, a researcher at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, notes, "This study is way, way, way too small to draw any meaningful conclusion. None of their findings meets the accepted thresholds for statistical significance in a genome-wide association study."

He goes on to say the conclusions "are utter speculation and don't belong anywhere near a modern genetic study — we had decades of such claims that never held up because they didn't meet statistical significance."

Gil McVean, a researcher at Oxford University declares, "The researchers have found weak evidence for genetic variation that influences self-reported sexual preferences in men."

"However, the sample size is small, the results have not been replicated in an independent study and the level of evidence presented doesn't meet the threshold of significance typically required within the field," he continues, adding, "I don't think the work would have been published if it were on a less controversial topic. It is, at best, preliminary"

There is, however, overwhelming evidence in psychology, however, that points toward homosexual abuse and poor father-son relations as a key cause of homosexual proclivity.

[Warning: Graphic language]

In 2015, journalist Ryan Sorba went undercover in a gay bar to ask men how they got that way. Many had been raped or sexually abused by other gay men or boys.

None of the men he spoke to claimed to have been "born that way." He adds a warning to parents to "be on guard," adding, "If you know a child or teenager who has developed same-sex attraction, let this footage be a warning to you. It is a red flag that the child has been molested, by an adult, a teenager or another child."

Homosexual activists have been making it increasingly more difficult for people to seek reparative therapy. Nine states have passed legislation making it illegal for reparative therapy for minors.

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