SCOTUS Ruling Sparks Chaos

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by Bradley Eli, M.Div., Ma.Th.  •  •  June 25, 2022   

Abortion activists vow more violence

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Emotions on the Left have been heating up ever since the SCOTUS draft was leaked, and are now reaching a boiling point. Now that the draft has become law of the land, widespread violence against Catholics, pro-lifers and Republican lawmakers is expected.

Negative emotions on the Left today were vented against the Church. It's feared these demonstrations may soon turn violent based on recent events.

The Department of Homeland Security warned earlier this month the debate surrounding abortion rights could prompt violence. DHS noted advocates "both for and against abortion have encouraged violence against government, religious and reproductive health care personnel and facilities." But so far, violence has stemmed almost solely from the Left.
Pro-abort activists attacked some 50 churches and pro-life offices since someone leaked the Supreme Court's draft opinion last month. Firebombings, vandalism and church invasions all in the name of so-called abortion rights are increasing, becoming more organized and more violent.

The group Jane's Revenge recently declared it's open season on pro-life centers — its organizers gloating they find courage and joy in attacking. To date, the violent activists have claimed responsibility for assailing nearly 20 pro-life offices. And it's not just places being targeted, people are also in danger.

One day after Homeland Security released its advisory, Maryland police arrested an armed man near the home of Catholic Supreme Court justice Brett Kavanaugh. The suspect admitted he planned to kill the conservative justice over the likelihood Roe would be overturned.

Finding Kavanaugh's home was easy after the far-left anti-Catholic group Ruth Sent Us released addresses of all the justices.

Abortion protester (in front of Kavanaugh's home): "You don't get to take away my bodily autonomy and enjoy your Saturday night at home."

Alliance Defending Freedom denounced the attempted murder of Kavanaugh. It asserts using violence to achieve political ends is an attack not only on the victims, but also on our very system of government. Unfortunately, our government has remained silent.
When reporters asked fake-Catholic House speaker Nancy Pelosi about the violence, she refused to condemn it. 

Radical feminists who form the group Women's March pledged to unleash a Summer of Rage should Roe collapse. With Roe's demise, it appears this orchestrated season of violence is just heating up.

Yesterday, Homeland Security warned all Catholic churches to be prepared for a "night of rage" following the uprooting of Roe.

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