‘The Worst Is Yet to Come’

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by Aidan O'Connor  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  October 20, 2021   

Senator slams vax mandates

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MADISON, Wis. (ChurchMilitant.com) -  A United States senator is blasting dangerous vaccine mandates pushed by unelected president Joe Biden's administration. 

U.S. senator Ron Johnson

"I was opposed to COVID-19 vaccine mandates from the start," U.S. senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin wrote in an article Thursday. "Unlike President Biden, I haven't flip-flopped."

The senator's article discusses the harm caused by abortion-tainted shots and the danger of forcing them on Americans. Johnson highlights natural immunity, vaccine ineffectiveness and vaccine injuries. 

"In fact, my opposition to mandates is growing stronger with each new anecdote and piece of information," continued Johnson. The senator opined that a growing corpus of  data "shows not only how futile [mandates] are but how devastating these self-inflicted harms will be." 

Johnson accuses unelected Biden, mainstream media and social media of ignoring dangerous realities.

Johnson insists there is no cogent rationale for forcing Americans to get the so-called vaccinations. He accuses unelected Biden, mainstream media and social media of ignoring dangerous realities surrounding the jabs. 

The senator insists natural immunity is effective, making it medically unnecessary to get vaccinated after infection. He points out how "fully vaccinated" people are still getting infected and spreading the virus. Johnson also points to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), warning that it shows higher deaths and injuries than authorities are admitting. 

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As of the beginning of October, VAERS recorded 16,310 deaths following a COVID jab — a third of them occurring within two days of vaccination. The system reported 778,685 "adverse events" or negative after-effects from the shot. 

After laying down the data, Johnson addressed two main concerns over the VAERS numbers. First, while the data doesn't necessarily prove COVID injections cause the reported harm, the sheer number of injuries and deaths should be cause for alarm. Second, Johson reveals VAERS underreports vaccine injuries, which should be a cause for even greater concern. 

 The system reported 778,685 'adverse events' from the shot.

Johnson also pans how vaccine mandates are affecting health care workers, the military and those in aviation. The senator points to New York's heavyhanded vaccine mandates as an example.

"New York's experience will be replicated throughout America, and the negative impact on health care will be profound," warns the senator. 

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"I have been inundated with testimonials from doctors, nurses and other health care workers asking for relief from the mandates and indicating they will not succumb to the pressure," Johnson says, knocking the fact that "decades of medical skill and knowledge will be lost to the mandates."

Johnson reveals he has contacted Lt. Col. Theresa Long, an Army flight surgeon persecuted for trying to warn her superiors about the possible danger of letting vaccinated pilots operate planes. Before the military imposed a gag order on Lt. Col. Long, she noted a number of aviators reported chest pain soon after getting jabbed.

Southwest Airlines CEO Gary Kelly

Senator Johnson also points out the concurrence between Southwest Airlines' recent vaccine mandate and thousands of flight cancellations following the order.

Southwest's CEO and its pilots' union quickly responded to the outrage by insisting delays were due to "weather and other external constraints." After critics blasted this explanation, the company backtracked, pointing the finger at Biden, stating it was simply following his vaccine mandate. 

Johnson begins his article by slamming phony-Catholic Biden for mandating abortion-tainted jabs after expressly promising he wouldn't. 

Pope Francis encourages China-virus jabs

But Biden isn't alone in promoting the tainted shot. Catholic bishops across America are pushing their parish employees and flocks to get the jab. 

Pope Francis has also encouraged China-virus jabs, instituting a vaccine passport system in the Vatican. As a result, even members of the pontiff's elite Swiss Guard have quit or have been suspended without pay for refusing the abortion-sullied vaccine.

Bishops in Colorado, however, spoke out against vaccine mandates and issued a form letter for religious exemption from the jab, noting the Catholic Church holds individual conscience to be sacred.

In his article, he exposes Biden as a liar and reveals the danger behind COVID jabs.

Senator Johnson is giving voice to a growing number of Americans. In his article, he exposes Biden as a liar and reveals the danger behind jabs. But the article's title may be the senator's most concerning and, perhaps, accurate statement: "The Worst Is Yet to Come From Biden's Vaccine Coercion."

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