Sex Change, Anyone?

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by Fr. Paul John Kalchik  •  •  February 6, 2023   

Revisiting the Twilight Zone

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Just before Christmas, while shopping for outdoor decorations, I unwittingly encountered the transgender delusion. 

I had been looking in the garden department of a big box store for a string of lights for the upcoming holiday. The directions for the light timers were not clear — they did not say whether the timer could be used outdoors — so I summoned a member of the staff for help.

The twenty-something-year-old store employee who came upon me was a young man made up to look like a woman. He had the broad shoulders and slim hips of a man but padded himself with large prosthetic breasts — a parody of a woman's form. His hair was dyed with two phosphorescent colors.

Images from The Twilight Zone TV series

He, too, concluded the light timer did not indicate whether it was suitable for outdoor use. So he called another employee for help. This one showed up and, like the first, he was also masquerading as a woman. His hair was dyed a brilliant blue and, although his chest was less exaggerated, his appearance caricatured a woman. 

In the end, I bought the timer and put it where it would keep dry, just in case. But even after my decorations were up, I felt unsettled.

The normally mundane experience of shopping for Christmas decorations had begun to feel like something from the Twilight Zone. For those too young to remember, it was a TV show from the early 1960s that took viewers into strange situations that stretch the imagination. If my excursion were an episode, it could have been called "Priest Enters a Trans Universe." 

Another Strange Encounter

This experience brought to mind yet another strange situation I experienced about 12 years ago. I was asked to pick up at the airport a priest flying in from Europe so I could take him to a Chicago parish.

Since the priest's flight was delayed, I had to wait for him outside the terminal. As I waited, a group of men posing as women sat alongside me. Having just arrived from Barcelona, they, too, were awaiting their ride into town.

To put it plainly, these Spanish men — with their fake breasts and heavy makeup — looked like circus freaks.

I never could have imagined a scene like this occurring anywhere other than on the Twilight Zone.

From their banter, I gathered they were in town to have their male parts surgically removed at one of Chicago's big hospitals. No doubt they had traveled from Europe to Chicago because Spain, at that time, did not allow surgeries like that — or should I say, mutilations — to happen. 

They pretty much ignored me — the Catholic priest clothed in black sitting at their side. Perhaps they assumed I couldn't understand their thick Catalan accent. But I had no problem following their conversation in its gory detail and noting their animated excitement about the prospect of eliminating their male parts. 

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Deeply disturbed, I took out my Rosary and started praying it aloud in Spanish. The men — perhaps surprised by my Spanish — moved quickly away from me and my ave Marias.

In my youth, I never could have imagined a scene like this occurring anywhere other than on the Twilight Zone. But there it was — a modern reality. At the time this happened, Spain's public health system neither condoned nor paid for people to have so-called sex change surgery. But in 2013, Spain's Supreme Court ruled that the country's public health system must pay for such procedures. This court decision was made despite protestations by the Church and the public at large. Other countries are now making provisions to follow Spain's example. 

This group of medical procedures, both surgical and pharmacological, have been deceptively rebranded "sex reassignment surgery" (SRS), a somewhat innocuous-sounding term.

The benign-sounding name belies what really takes place when men or women subject themselves to a series of surgical procedures to have their reproductive organs mutilated or removed. It's not just a simple matter of snip, snip, but rather a matter of mangling and removing healthy organs. 

Church Teaching on Mutilation

So far, the Vatican has remained largely silent on the horror of these procedures and how gravely sinful they are. But Church teaching offers insights that the faithful will find instructive. 

One of the oldest prohibitions against the faithful being castrated can be found in the Council of Nicaea. The first canon of this council states plainly:

If anyone due to sickness has undergone a surgical operation, or if he has been castrated by barbarians, he is allowed to remain among the clergy. But if anyone enrolled among the clergy has castrated himself when in perfect health, it is good for him to leave the ministry. From now on, no such person should be promoted to the clergy. But since this applies only to those who willfully castrate themselves, if anyone has been made an eunuch by barbarians, or by his master, and is otherwise fit for office, church law admits him to the clergy.

Since the fourth century, this prohibition against the castration and mutilation of clerics has been understood to apply to all the faithful, both men and women.

Amputations, mutilations, and sterilizations performed on innocent persons are against the moral law.

This prohibition against castration and sterilization is still plainly stated in the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Paragraph 2297 states: "Except when performed for strictly therapeutic medical reasons, directly intended amputations, mutilations, and sterilizations performed on innocent persons are against the moral law."

The Church has long taught that the integration of the body and soul is fundamental to the dignity of every person, and that this design is part of God's plan to help people realize His divine plan for their lives.

Explosion in Mutilations

Tragically, despite the clarity of the Church's teaching on this subject, castration and sterilization at large have increased dramatically in the last decade.

One reason is the full-court press of the LGBTQ mob to propagandize youth about how easy and exciting it is to change the sex God and their parents made them.

In the last five years alone, the number of children seeking puberty blockers and other procedures has exploded. A 2017 study documented that 15,172 young people (aged 6–17) in the United States reported issues with gender dysphoria, whereas in 2021, the number jumped to 42,167. That is a whopping 277% increase.

Drag Queen Story Hours

The entertainment industry and the Luciferian mainstream media have promoted sodomy in every way imaginable. Drag Queen Story Hours are also becoming commonplace.

The propaganda machines are in full swing, leading young and old alike to think everyone is getting a so-called sex change. Exaggerating numbers is part of the hype.

For example, in the United States in 2021, according to a study reported in Current Urology, 9,000 transgender surgeries were performed. This occurred in a country with an estimated 331.9 million people.

Dire Warnings

But more people, including those with influential platforms, are speaking out against the horrors of SRS. 

For example, Dr. Jordan Peterson recently interviewed Chloe Cole, a woman who had undergone SRS in her youth and now regrets what she allowed surgeons to do to her healthy body. As a result of these surgeries, she will never be able to bear children or experience sexual intimacy in any normal way.

Detransition: The Wounds That Won't Heal | Chloe Cole | EP 319

But she is just one of many casualties to come in this war for our children. We need to condemn the LGBTQ movement and its push to mutilate and sterilize the young.

The Church centuries ago recognized and condemned such evils and has reiterated them over the years. But we cannot wait for the Vatican to become the mouthpiece required to stop this madness.

We must make it clear that sex reassignment surgery is neither possible nor normal.

We must make it clear that sex reassignment surgery is neither possible nor normal, either for children or adults. It amounts only to castration for males, the removal of breasts, ovaries and womb for females, and permanent sterilization for both. It is a point of no return. Say goodbye forever to naturally becoming a mom or dad.

Our job in 2023 is a straightforward one. Look this evil in the face, publicize the Church's teaching to a new generation and fight all those who oppose it! We must use every resource available to stamp out the fraud of transgenderism and gender ideology before it claims even more young victims. 

Pray and act, and with God on our side, we will spare ourselves and our children, like God spared Lot and his family from Sodom and Gomorrah.

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