Sex Summit Rundown

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by Bradley Eli, M.Div., Ma.Th.  •  •  February 22, 2019   

No mention of homosexual clerics or the network that covers for them

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The 21 reflection points released by Pope Francis at the sex summit on Thursday lower expectations that homosexual predation and the network covering it up will ever be outed by the Catholic hierarchy.

All 21 points are set to address only the abuse of minors while ignoring the homosexual predation of seminarians and young priests. In his opening remarks prior to distributing the 21 points, Pope Francis emphasized this point, beginning his talk saying the gathering of bishops was called in light of "the scourge of sexual abuse perpetrated by ecclesiastics to the great harm of minors."

A few paragraphs later, the Holy Father invoked the Blessed Mother for guidance on how to heal the "scandal of paedophilia."

It is clear that the summit will not address the following issues:

  • Homosexuality in the priesthood
  • Sexual abuse of seminarians and young priests
  • The network that allowed homosexual predator Theodore McCarrick to advance

During the first day of the summit, prelates listened to pre-recorded messages from five abuse survivors. Four of the five victims were male, which is a statistic that historically represents the gender of abuse victims dating back to the 1950s. No mention of homosexuality, however, was brought up by any of the prelates.

The reflection points did not focus on how homosexual predators like Theodore McCarrick rose to such ecclesiastical heights of power when so many knew about his nefarious actions.

Point nine reads: "Increase awareness of the causes and consequences of sexual abuse through ongoing formation initiatives of Bishops, Religious Superiors, clerics and pastoral workers."

This so-called "concrete" step simply urges that prelates should have an increased "awareness" of the problem. The fact that this topic has been kept front and center by laity and faithful Catholic media for months makes the lack of awareness practically impossible.

Point 16 reads: "Introduce rules concerning seminarians and candidates for the priesthood or religious life. Be sure that there are programs of initial and ongoing formation to help them develop their human, spiritual and psychosexual maturity, as well as their interpersonal relationships and their behaviour."

Rules addressing "psychosexual maturity" have been used for years to weed out good priests from seminarians. Whistleblowers and straight men are labeled "rigid" and routinely dismissed from formation.

Rule five reads: "Inform the civil authorities and the higher ecclesiastical authorities in compliance with civil and canonical norms."

This is one point that law enforcement is saying should be placed before all other points. Only by invoking law enforcement at the outset of abuse has proved effective in obtaining justice and stopping sexual abuse immediately.

Watch the panel discuss how the synod isn't solving homosexual predation in The Download—Sex Summit Rundown.

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