Should He Be Removed?

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by Raymond de Souza, KHS, KofC  •  •  May 13, 2022   

Cardinal Dolan questionable as Knights of Malta chaplain

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There is a priest who happens to have the same name as me. That priest, Fr. Raymond J. de Souza, wrote the following in 2009 about New York's Cdl. Timothy Dolan:

Critics of Archbishop Dolan consider the backslapping, guffawing, cigar-smoking, beer-drinking prelate an old Irish neighborhood pol, eager to lead the St. Patrick's Day parade but not sophisticated in the life of the mind or the life of the spirit. A faithful son of St. Louis, he knows not only where every parish is, but how to get from the local rectory to the nearest Steak-n-Shake, a Midwestern diner chain. A nice fellow, his critics agreed, but not to be taken seriously. 

Those of us who lived under his guidance at the Pontifical North American College (NAC) know better. … When Archbishop Dolan arrives in New York, America will discover an articulate, critical preacher of the Gospel, deeply learned in the history of the Church in the United States, and confident of her future despite all the manifest difficulties.


Cardinal Dolan as grand marshal of New York City's
St. Patrick Day's Parade

Unfortunately, this rosy depiction of His Eminence's behavior seems skin-deep. Dolan has been complicit in the sacrilege of giving Holy Communion to fake Catholic politicians who support the systematic slaughter of babies in the womb. He is also allegedly involved in a systematic cover-up to protect in the public eye the soiled image of the Church.

The Pontifical North American College, or NAC, along with Cdl. Dolan as head of the New York archdiocese, are being sued for corruption involving many players bent on protecting the homosexual subculture. Both the NAC and the cardinal, who was rector of the NAC from 1994–2001 before being made a bishop, are facing complaints of misconduct against subordinates, abuse cover-up and retaliation against whistleblowers. Bombshell allegations have emerged in the lawsuit naming Dolan alongside the NAC rector, Fr. Peter Harman, the NAC vice rector Fr. Adam Park and others.

Long, Shameful History

 Sadly, Cdl. Dolan has a well-known history of being pro-gay and pro-cover-up. For instance:

  1. As grand marshal of the St. Patrick Day's Parade in 2014, he welcomed a move for gays and lesbians to march under their own banner for the first time in the history of the Catholic parade. His uncatholic welcome to people who publicly proclaim their sins against nature caused great scandal among the faithful. 
  2. As Milwaukee's archbishop in 2013, Cdl. Dolan tried to move $57 million to protect Church funds from victims of clerical sex abuse. 
  3. In New York, a leaked transcript exposed Cdl. Dolan's 2016 victim's compensation program as a scheme to avoid paying settlements to abuse victims. 

It is highly disconcerting — nay, scandalous — that Cdl. Dolan continues to be the principal chaplain of the American Association of the Order of Malta, whose leadership appears to turn a blind eye to this shameful situation. 


Therefore, for the good name and reputation of the Order of Malta, His Eminence should be immediately suspended from his position, pending a thorough investigation. Let his innocence or guilt be proven. 

Grounds for Suspension or Dismissal?

The Code of the Order must be obeyed. Article 123, on the topic of "Suspension and Dismissal," says the following:

Par. 1 — Suspension is a temporary disciplinary measure which may be imposed on a member of the Order if he is found to be in an unworthy status; [and/or] if the member is under investigation by the courts for grave acts of a moral nature.

Par. 2 — Dismissal is a definitive disciplinary measure which may be imposed if a member adopts conduct gravely incompatible with his membership in the Order.

Homosexuality, especially among the clergy, is an evil perversion, a sin against nature and abhorrent even to the Devil itself, according to Saint Catherine of Siena, another Doctor of the Church.

For a Chaplain of Malta to be pro-gay and/or pro-cover-up for those who indulge in this abhorrent sin is demonstrably a grave act of a moral nature, unworthy and gravely incompatible with membership of the Order, let alone for a principal chaplain! 

Cardinal Dolan has a well-known history of being pro-gay and pro-cover-up.

The American Association is called to honor and adhere to the Code of the Order by calling His Eminence to a meeting of the Disciplinary Committee, so that he can properly and lawfully be suspended and replaced by a chaplain worthy of the position; and, if (or when) he is proven guilty by the courts, removed for good from the Order of Malta. 

However, if the American Association of the Order of Malta continues to ignore this tragic reality and turn a blind eye on this disreputable situation, thus refusing to apply the determinations of the Code, it must provide all members of the Order clear reasons for such scandalous behavior.

Moreover, if (or when) the matter is brought to the public knowledge ahead of the cardinal's removal, it will be highly embarrassing for the American Association, which will have to explain why its leadership has remained silent and has not applied the rules of the Code.

This serious matter cannot be ignored.

In Malta,

Sir Raymond J. de Souza, KHS, KofC

Raymond de Souza, KHS, KofC, is a knight of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulcher of Jerusalem, and a fourth degree Knight of Columbus. A speaker on pro-life and apologetics issues, he is the delegate for international missions of Human Life International. He has visited 38 countries of the six continents as part of conferences held in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese and has speaking ability in Italian and Afrikaans. On the recommendation of bishops and priests in New Zealand, Australia and the United States, he is available to address Catholic audiences anywhere in the free world to defend the gospel of life and the purity of Catholic doctrine. He has been a radio broadcaster in New Zealand and Australia and, today, writes a syndicated column for the weekly national Catholic paper, The Wanderer.
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