Society of Jesus Shuts Out Unvaxxed Jesuits

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by Jules Gomes  •  •  September 7, 2021   

Ignatius' disciples coerce communities, colleges into taking vax, boosters

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PORTLAND, Ore. ( - Jesuit superiors and heads of institutions are creating "vaccinated only" ghettos by excluding religious, faculty, students and staff who have not taken the controversial COVID-19 injections and, in some cases, even the booster shots. 

In an extreme case of vaccine coercion, the Jesuits West Province in the United States (UWE) has ordered that "all Jesuits ... be fully vaccinated or plan to begin the vaccination process in the next three days." 

Jesuits violate the principle of "freedom of choice"

"Once boosters are widely distributed, booster-vaccination proof will also be required," the three-page UWE mandate states, insisting that Jesuits must also comply with Centers for Disease Control and Prevention booster mandates.

The order sent out by socius Fr. Michael Gilson, S.J. to all UWE communities on Aug. 31, which was obtained by Church Militant, quotes CDC policy, which recommends booster shots "eight months after receiving [the] second vaccine." 

"Unvaccinated Jesuits must begin the vaccination process … within three days," and "any Jesuit (from novices to Jesuits from other provinces — domestic and overseas) staying in a Jesuits West Province community must be able to demonstrate proof of vaccination status." 

"One must ask oneself the question, 'How would St. Ignatius of Loyola react to this mandate?'" asked theologian Fr. Athanasius St. Michel. 

Speaking to Church Militant, the cultural critic said Ignatius would "invite us to exercise discernment," which "would lead us to discover that we are no longer dealing with a medical matter, but instead with a spirit of authority that has become overblown and perverse."

Commenting on the Jesuit motto Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam ("To the Greater Glory of God"), Fr. Athanasius St. Michel said the dictatorial mandates instead were to the greater glory of Big Pharma and the globalists driving the agenda of the Great Reset. 

"What can we do with this authoritarian spirit?" he asked. "Name it and rebuke it! But if Jesuit leaders invoke it against their members, the conscientious objectors must resist or flee."

The mandate cites Pope Francis' recent video calling vaccination an "act of love" and the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops' statement interpreting the COVID-19 jab as an "act of charity toward the other members of our community." 

The Jesuits, like the Quakers, Freemasons, and Moral Rearmament, have become vehicles for the progressive globalist elite.

Church Militant earlier reported on how the Ad Council, creator of the most influential pro-LGBTQ+ propaganda campaigns of all time, had recruited Pope Francis to target Latin American countries that are using low-efficacy shots from communist China.

The Jesuit statement omits any mention of the 2020 ruling by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF) that states, "Vaccination is not, as a rule, a moral obligation and that, therefore, it must be voluntary." 

The mandate also does not leave room for exemptions by conscientious objectors on religious, medical or social justice grounds, despite the CDF's validation of objectors who "for reasons of conscience, refuse vaccines produced with cell lines from aborted fetuses."

The only exceptions to the rules are for guests under the age of 12, but "once those under 12 are eligible to receive the vaccinations, they will be held to the same standard as anyone else visiting a Jesuit community."

Dr. Peter McCullough testifies to the Texas Senate Committee on Health and Human Services

Further, Jesuits going through the vaccination process must go into an immediate mandatory quarantine, which "consists of sheltering in your bedroom with meals and other provisions delivered to your room."

"Should you need to leave your room for exercise or to get vaccinated, for example, you may do so only if you wear a mask, practice social distancing and refrain from interacting with anyone else in the house," the mandate states.

What can we do with this authoritarian spirit? 

Jesuits are ordered to take a COVID test after keeping "at least seven days of quarantine and three consecutive days without any COVID-like symptoms." 

Members must also wear masks outside the community "as often as possible," especially if the Jesuit is spending time with someone who is not part of the community. 

Pro-lifer's badge testifies to aborted baby used in vaccine 

The mandate emphasizes that the jabs are "powerfully effective in preventing serious illness and death" and that infections are "substantially less" in vaccinated people, whose symptoms and duration of illness are less severe than those vaccinated. 

It also names the Delta variant as "twice as contagious [as the original strain]," claims that "the greatest risk of transmission is among unvaccinated people" and notes that "ever-more dangerous variants might develop if the virus is allowed to continue to mutate among the unvaccinated."

Medical ethicist Dr. Niall McCrae told Church Militant that "the Jesuit superiors' knowledge of science is as lacking as their commitment to the true teachings of Jesus Christ." 

Dr. McCrae elaborated: 

The vaccines don't work: Why do we have 12 times as many deaths now than at this time last year — when there was no vaccine? Why are people still wearing masks? Why are we heading into another lockdown? And why are third and fourth shots being administered? 

The Jesuits, like the Quakers, Freemasons, and Moral Rearmament, have become vehicles for the progressive globalist elite. They are treating members who don't want a hazardous vaccine worse than lepers were treated in the past. At least the latter had a deadly disease; the targets now are healthy people. This is sick.

Sources told Church Militant that provinces, including the Midwest Province, were enforcing similar mandates; while, in other provinces, superiors were having a "quiet word" with unvaccinated Jesuits, pressurizing them to get jabbed "for the good of the community."  

Meanwhile, Jesuit universities and schools are enforcing inconsistent vaccination policies, leading to confusion and anger among Catholic staff, students and parents. 

I'm disgusted. You're allowed to use your conscience as a Catholic.

"I'm disgusted. You're allowed to use your conscience as a Catholic," Stephanie Grimes, a registered nurse from New York, told the Boston Herald after her daughter's request for an exemption was rejected. "On so many levels, Boston College is wrong. They need to back down."

In August, 11 students at Loyola University, Chicago won a legal victory over the vaccine mandate after refusing to take the jab on grounds of conscientious objection to abortion.  

Demonstrators march against forced vaccination

According to the Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities (AJCU) list updated Friday, 17 of the 21 institutions listed (including Boston College, Fordham University, Le Moyne College and Regis University) require compulsory vaccinations for all students, faculty and staff. 

Xavier University in Greater Cincinnati mandates compulsory jabs for students, but faculty and staff are not compelled to get vaccinated, as is the case with Creighton, Georgetown, Loyola (New Orleans), Marquette, Rockhurst and Scranton universities.   

The Jesuit-run University of San Francisco allows for religious and medical exemptions, while St. Peter's University (New Jersey) permits exemptions "in accordance with the law and the university's reasonable accommodation." Santa Clara University, likewise, allows for "limited exemptions." 

In accordance with Texan law banning mandatory jabs, the Jesuit Preparatory School of Dallas recommends but does not require the jab for students, while the University of Detroit Mercy allows "limited exemptions" for "medical, religious or philosophical reasons."

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