Sodomy-Pushing Jesuit Slips Into UK Schools

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by Jules Gomes  •  •  June 15, 2022   

Fr. James Martin's spiel subverts Catholic school ban on LGBTQ+ author

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LONDON, England ( - A notorious Jesuit homosexualist backed by Pope Francis is promoting sinful sexual lifestyles in British Catholic schools that are already under heavy fire from secular LGBTQ+ zealots. 

Transgender Catholic teacher George White 

Father James Martin, S.J., will speak to openly transgender Catholic teacher George White via Zoom Thursday, on the euphemistically titled topic of "What does it mean to be an LGBT+ inclusive, gospel-led Catholic school?" 

Indoctrination Children

Martin's proselytization to Catholic educators in the United Kingdom comes at a time of high tension for British Catholic schools that have been resisting the incursion of the anti-Catholic agenda from both government and LGBTQ+ lobbies. 

Organized by Quest — a heterodox Catholic campaigning group that recently lobbied the government to ban conversion therapy for homosexuals and people with gender dysphoria — the event is advertised as "open to all involved in Catholic education in the U.K."

Martin's presentation is also supported by the National Association of Head Teachers — a trade union that pressurized secretary of state for education Nadhim Zahawi to investigate the diocese of Southwark for barring an LGBTQ+ teen fiction writer from a Catholic school. 

I want to thank you for your pastoral zeal.

Archbishop of Southwark John Wilson disinvited homosexual author Simon James Green from promoting his novel at John Fisher Catholic School, Croydon, in March. The book contains a blasphemous and pornographic gay-sex parody of the Lord's Prayer. 

Last week, Church Militant reported on Green's history of anti-Catholic bigotry based on a series of venomous tweets posted over the last decade attacking Pope Benedict XVI as a "dick" who "spreads AIDS" and suggesting that churches should not exist in Britain.

Enemy of the Faith

"No one should be under any illusions that James Martin is anything more than an enemy of God, the Faith and our children," emphasized Dr. Tom Rogers, a spokesman for Parent Power (an organization campaigning for parental rights in the education of their children). 

"The James Martin event appears cynically timed to exploit the mainstream media's recent attack on what is left of Catholic education in the wake of the St. John Fisher School scandal," Rogers remarked. 

Archbishop John Wilson bravely made a stand recently to protect children under his watch from being groomed by gay activists.

The Catholic educationist explained how "Quest is a completely heretical anti-Catholic organization whose whole raison d'être is to manipulate the Church into pretending that God thinks positively about sodomy."

Rogers, who has written and campaigned extensively against LGBTQ+ infiltration in schools, elaborated:

Bp. Patrick McKinney, a staunch LGBTQ+ supporter 

Archbishop John Wilson bravely made a stand recently to protect children under his watch from being groomed by gay activists. It was the more welcome given the fact that Catholic Education Service has in recent years been pushing materials in Catholic schools which very much promote the same agenda as James Martin and Quest, such as "Made in God's Image" and the pro-LGBT "Ten Ten" program. 
It is imperative that more bishops take the principled stand of Abp. Wilson, otherwise Catholic parents will continue to be left to fight this battle alone, with their children exposed to the wolves. 

Faithful Catholics are outraged that the Nottingham diocese is promoting the event on its website. The diocese offers regular so-called LGBTQ+ Masses, and Bp. Patrick McKinney himself presided at an LGBTQ+ Eucharist in the cathedral. 

Transgender Teacher

Meanwhile, in an article published in the Catholic school magazine Networking, transgender teacher George White, who will dialogue with Martin at the forthcoming event, urges Catholic schools to assess their "gendered" uniform and staff dressing policies. 

White, who teaches Religious Education at St Paul's Catholic School in Leicester, England, also asks schools to normalize the use of transgender pronouns and inclusive language and abandon traditional titles of address like "ladies and gentlemen."

Martin's visit will come as a boon to Catholic activists pushing the LGBTQ+ agenda in Church schools. 

Nick Donnelly, a popular writer and deacon from the diocese of Lancaster, told Church Militant how "LGBTQ+ activists seeking to push their ideology in Catholic schools often use nine words from the Catechism to justify the active homosexual lifestyle: 'They must be accepted with respect, compassion, and sensitivity'" (Catechism of the Catholic Church, §2358). 

"By using this selective quotation, the activists want children to wrongly assume that the Catholic Church approves of homosexuality," Donnelly said. "They omit the Catechism's words which describe how the Bible presents sodomy as 'acts of grave depravity.'" 

Martin's Jesuit-speak

In his book Building a Bridge, Martin refuses to engage with an exegesis of the biblical texts proscribing homosexuality. Instead, he justifies his omission by arguing: 

The Catholic Church's stance on the matter is clear: sexual relations between people of the same sex are impermissible. At the same time, the LGBT Catholic community's stance on the matter is also clear: Same-sex relations are part and parcel of their lives.

Children brainwashed by the pansexual revolution

Martin's visit will come as a boon to Catholic activists pushing the LGBTQ+ agenda in Church schools. In 2019, Catholic authorities endorsed the government's new relationships and sex education laws, which override parental rights and normalize teaching on same-sex marriage and transgenderism for children as young as 4.

Despite vigorous opposition to the regulations from traditionalist Catholics and sustained protests by Muslim parents, the pro-LGBTQ+ Catholic Education Society representing the bishops' education policy for 2,300 Catholic schools and colleges in England and Wales embraced the new regulations.

Four-year-olds in English schools are to have lessons on "how we touch our own and each other's bodies" under the RSE program, which became compulsory in September 2020.

In 2021, Pope Francis wrote a handwritten personal letter in Spanish to Martin on the eve of the Outreach LGBT conference, endorsing the dissident Jesuit's ministry. The letter came weeks after Martin complained that same-sex unions could not be blessed by a priest. 

"I want to thank you for your pastoral zeal and your ability to be close to people, with that closeness that Jesus had, and which reflects the closeness of God," Francis wrote.

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