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by Christine Niles  •  •  October 4, 2019   

Rome Roundtable offers warnings, hopes for the Church

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Catholic leaders are sounding the alarm against the current pontificate.

In a packed room at the Hotel Massimo D'Azeglio in Rome, just two days before the start of the Amazon Synod, panelists from the United States and Italy took part in a Rome Roundtable titled "Our Church — Reformed or Deformed?" touching on the crisis in the Church and the way forward.

[soundbites from Taylor Marshall, Jeanne Smits, John-Henry Westen]

Not all panelists agreed. While Church Militant's Michael Voris called on Pope Francis to resign, José Antonio Ureta, president of Tradition, Family and Property, did not think that would benefit the Church.

José Antonio Ureta: "I prefer to have the devil I know than the angel I do not know."

Church Militant spoke with some panelists after the roundtable to get their take on the Amazon Synod and the current pontificate.

[soundbites from Marco Tosatti, Roberto de Mattei, Taylor Marshall, John-Henry Westen]

In spite of differences of opinion, all the panelists could agree on one thing: Catholics must never abandon the Church, but stay in the Church and fight for Her restoration.


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