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by Joseph Enders  •  •  March 5, 2021   

Manufacturing terrorists in pointless wars

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For over a century, warhawks like Joe Biden have continued a fruitless enterprise of perpetual war in the Middle East, but at what cost?

After killing another civilian in Syria after only 30 days in office, Biden has solidified himself as the president military contractors, arms dealers and globalists love.

Apparently what Biden meant by "America is back" is continuing a legacy of murder, destruction and persecution of Catholics that plagued the region for the entire 20th century. His legacy includes arming Islamic militants to overthrow governments tolerant of Christianity, like Syria's.

This isn't new either. All presidents, Democrats and Republicans alike, supported these wars. One of the first critics of America acting as the world's police force was Pat Buchanan, Catholic and former adviser to Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon. Buchanan has written extensively on why the United States is so invested in this part of the Middle East. He calls these hawks "neoconservatives" for betraying traditional Catholic war doctrine.

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In a 2003 opinion piece, he wrote:

When the Cold War ended, these neoconservatives began casting about for a new crusade to give meaning to their lives. On Sept. 11, their time came. They seized on that horrific atrocity to steer America's rage into all-out war to destroy their despised enemies, the Arab and Islamic "rogue states" that have resisted U.S. hegemony and loathe Israel.

Today, few (if any) conservative commenters talk about these wasteful conflicts. Fox News host Tucker Carlson, however, spoke up immediately — seeing Biden's actions for exactly what they are.

The promise Joe Biden remembered wasn't made to you in the first place. It was made to defense contractors and neocon think tanks in Washington. Joe Biden promised them that once he took power, the United States would immediately bring war back to the Middle East after a four-year respite that really agitated people in D.C.

So, why should Catholics even care about these Muslim governments at all? Well, don't. But not caring about the Middle East entails leaving it alone — given the faithful uphold their duty to support the protection of their persecuted brothers in Christ within those borders.

The Cold War mentality of Russia versus the United States is over. The Soviet Union is dead and so should the doctrines of containing their Middle Eastern allies.

Biden will unlikely take such steps, as he's already showing himself to be a puppet of the ultra-wealthy.

If politicians truly cared about expanding the United States' sphere of influence over a region, then it should care about the Far East. It should then combat the growing Chinese communist threat, instead of bombing hospitals guarded by jihadis in the middle of the desert.

That said, Biden will unlikely take such steps, as he's already showing himself to be a puppet of the ultra-wealthy, not caring if American soldiers die overseas fighting for their buddies' defense contracts, foreign policy interests and business interests.

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