Special Report: Cdl. Dolan Sued Over Gay Priest Scandal

News: Investigations
by Michael Voris, S.T.B.  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  December 10, 2015   

Millions of dollars have been embezzled from NY parishes to fund this priest's deviant sex life

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Update, Dec. 12, 2015: Priest at center of scandal resigns.


A lawsuit has been filed against the archdiocese of New York and Cdl. Timothy Dolan by Catholic parishioners accusing them of covering up for a homosexual priest who stole millions from parishes to finance a sadomasochistic sex life with his gay-for-pay prostitute.

Parishioners have tried to work through proper channels for months, contacting various senior archdiocesan officials, but have been stonewalled at every turn. Incensed and fed up, they have gone public and are demanding restitution as well as something be done about the situation regarding Fr. Peter Miqueli.

Father Miqueli shares a house with the reported male prostitute in Brick, New Jersey, where neighbors say there is a steady stream of young men. The larger concern that parishioners have is why the archdiocese of New York has been so willing to protect the priest.

According to parishioners, he has never been removed from a post. No serious financial audits have been conducted amounting to anything. Various diocesan personnel in New York tell ChurchMilitant.com that there is a scandal behind the scandal.

The reason why Miqueli is left alone, they say, is because he knows information that would be severely damaging to the New York archdiocese — and perhaps to Cdl. Dolan as well — if it became public. As the old saying goes, the genie is out of the bottle, and there's no way now to get him back in.

Parishioners say the handling of this whole case has been reminiscent of how homosexual priests raping teenagers was covered up by senior clergy. If what the New York archdiocese insiders are telling us is true — that there is some damning information that Fr. Miqueli has and is blackmailing the archdiocese over — it may be too late now for Cdl. Dolan and some of his senior staff to hold back the explosion.

Stay tuned to ChurchMilitant.com for more coverage on this as events continue to unfold and more news comes out — which it always does.


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