Sperm Crisis

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by Kristine Christlieb  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  November 18, 2022   

Global decline urgently needs investigation

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In first-world nations, scientists have been documenting a decline in fertility since at least 2017.

Church Militant's Kristine Christlieb briefs us on the latest findings with a focus on how this concerns men.

While global warming activists have been sounding the alarm for decades about the disappearance of arctic ice, a new study is suggesting that isn't the only thing disappearing.

Human Reproduction Update is reporting this week the results of a meta-analysis of trends in sperm count, and the results aren't good.

For some time, we've known about the decline in male fertility.

Dr. Shanna Swan, epidemiologist, Icahn School of Medicine: "Over the last basically forty years, sperm count has dropped at a little bit faster than 1% per year. It went from 99 million sperm in a milliliter to 47."

But those studies looked primarily at male sperm count in the northern hemisphere.

This new meta-analysis is the first to look at global trends and finds that across cultures there's a sperm crisis.

The study finds that not only is the crisis global, it is accelerating.

The study concludes that "research on the causes of this continuing decline and actions to prevent further disruption of male reproductive health are urgently needed."

This study is further evidence that the world has been hit by a depopulation bomb.

Fertility in the United States has been declining overall for the last fifteen years since the beginning of the 2007 Great Recession. 

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