Spokane Bishop Responds to ‘Woke’ CC Head

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by Rodney Pelletier  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  July 8, 2020   

Condemns BLM movement

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A bishop is speaking out against a recent claim the Catholic Church is racist.

On Monday, Spokane bishop Thomas Daly responded to a video by Catholic Charities Eastern Washington CEO Rob McCann: "I am a racist. How could I not be? ... My Catholic Church and my Catholic Charities organization is racist. ... Our Catholic faith tradition was built on the premise that a baby born in a manger in the Middle East was a white baby."

Daly met afterward with McCann for a meeting he described as "frank" and "hopefully productive."

While McCann has since clarified some of his statements, Daly expressed concern about his support for Black Lives Matter — a Marxist organization that opposes Church teaching.

He also commented on the organization's silence on violence in many cities, adding, "One need not stand with BLM to stand for black lives."

Daly announced he'd be redirecting the annual Catholic Charities Christmas collection to the Black and Indian Missions.

He's also asking for Catholic Charities to discuss the disproportionately high number of black abortions — that although blacks and whites commit about the same percentage of abortions — around 36% — blacks are aborting at a higher rate, six times higher than whites.

He also noted that in New York City "more black babies are aborted each day than are born," which in 2015 had 22,838 live births of black babies but 25,698 black babies aborted.

Daly also commented he will be having future meetings with McCann.

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