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by James Fedewa  •  •  February 16, 2022   

Faithful Catholics opposing authoritarian

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Faithful Catholics are getting more vocal about abuses perpetrated by their bishops. Church Militant's James Fedewa tells how Church Militant's Chicago Resistance chapter has been calling out evil in its archdiocese.

Forty stalwart Catholics, including Church Militant Resistance members, gathered on Sunday in front of the archdiocese of Chicago's Holy Name Cathedral. They're calling attention to a growing authoritarianism in the archdiocese, with Cdl. Blase Cupich at the helm.

Richard Concaildi, Chicago captain, Church Militant Resistance: "It is to send a clear message to the archdiocese and Cdl. Cupich that their practices are not acceptable. It's not what the faithful in Chicago expect or anticipate on a regular basis."

For the last six weeks, Resistance members have been gathering with other groups like Catholic Solidarity and Coalition for Canceled Priests. 

They pray and sing hymns, all to demand accountability from Cupich, Pope Francis and other Church hierarchs.

Concaildi: "Church closing, consolidation of schools, the Latin Mass being halted, masking our children and forcing on-site, in some cases, on-site vaccination clinics at some schools within the archdiocese. These things will just not stand."

Chicago's Catholics say they've had enough and they're not going anywhere until things change. 

The faithful have increasingly been calling out bad shepherds. In November, Church Militant held its Bishops, Enough Is Enough rally right next to where the U.S. prelates gathered in Baltimore.

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