Starbucks Tops Conservatives’ ‘Naughty List’

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by David Nussman  •  •  December 8, 2017   

Ranks best and worst retailers for political views

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DETROIT ( - In the midst of the Christmas shopping season, a conservative watchdog group is sharing a "naughty and nice list" of major U.S. retailers. 

The list, put together by watchdog 2nd Vote, features 10 "nice" and 10 "naughty" retail corporations based on their policies regarding hot-button political issues. Liberal-leaning corporations make the "naughty" list, while conservative-leaning companies make the "nice" list. 

Number one on the naughty list is Starbucks. Seen elsewhere on the naughty list are Walgreens, Target and Amazon. 

Hobby Lobby takes the top spot on the nice list. Other notables on the nice list are Guitar Center, ACE Hardware and Dillard's. 

The producer of the lists, 2nd Vote, is a conservative organization that seeks to shed light on corporations' political stances to help fellow conservatives make informed decisions while shopping, investing or donating. It considers itself "the conservative watchdog for corporate activism." 

Regarding the naughty and nice lists, an article from 2nd Vote claims, "Our lists of the naughty and nice companies show the best way to make sure your Christmas shopping dollars match your personal values." 

To that end, 2nd Vote ranked the companies' stances on a list of seven political issues, including religious liberty, the definition of marriage and the right to life. Every company is given a score of 1 to 5 on the seven criteria, and companies are ranked by their average score. If no information was found about the company's stance on an issue, then it received no score at all for that specific criterion. 

Starbucks scored a "one," the lowest possible score, on all seven counts. According to 2nd Vote's findings, the coffee company endorses strict no-gun policies, donates to Planned Parenthood and promotes same-sex marriage. 

Hobby Lobby received an average score of "five," the highest possible, mainly owing to its 2014 Supreme Court victory against the HHS contraceptive mandate. (There were several categories in which Hobby Lobby was unranked, but it got a perfect "five" in all the others.) 

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