‘State-Sponsored Grooming’

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by Paul Aubert  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  May 19, 2022   

Arizona supporting LGBT chat forums for minors

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PHOENIX (ChurchMilitant.com) - Arizona's department of education is advertising an online chat platform that encourages minors to chat with adults in the LGBT community.

The website, Q Chat Space, does not require parental approval to join and features message boards that discuss hypersexual topics concerning gender and sexuality.

Academia has praised the platform's subversion of parental consent, with one academic article saying, "The platform's chat-based nature likely helps youth avoid concerns about family members accidentally overhearing their conversations in the same way they might if they were talking to friends."

Q Chat Space

While the Q Chat Space is advertised on the Arizona Office of Education's website, it was created with help from Planned Parenthood and LGBT advocacy groups PFLAG and CenterLink.

Q Chat Space does not require parental approval to join.

The Q Chat website explains it "provides online discussion groups for LGBTQ+ and questioning teens ages 13 to 19."

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First-time users are asked a series of questions pertaining to their sexual/romantic orientation and gender identity. They are also asked to give their email address, date of birth, zip code and racial background.

Questions pertaining to users' sexual/romantic orientation and gender identity.

While the chat board includes conversations about children's topics like Pokemon and Star Wars, it also features discussions on sexually explicit topics such as polyamorous relationships.

One discussion is titled, "For Trans/Non-Binary Youth: Navigating Transphobia at School, Home, Health Care and Beyond."

The Q chatters seem to go through little to no vetting process.

Other topics include "Pansexual Panromantic Visibility," "Body Liberation," and "Understanding Your Sexuality While Being Trans and Non-Binary."

Professor Charol Shakeshaft

Virginia Commonwealth University professor Charol Shakeshaft warned that adults may use social media to groom children. She noted in a 2021 paper that "use of personal, not school-sanctioned and monitored social media is a common vehicle for bonding grooming."

Shakeshaft further explained the dangers of youth contacting adults online without parental consent, saying, "A private platform is much like being alone with a student behind a closed/locked door. There is no way to monitor, and the interactions are hidden and private."

Journalist Spencer Lindquist called Arizona's support of Q Chat "state-sponsored grooming" that seeks to turn children "into left wing activists."

The LGBT-associated adults on the website are called "Q chatters." The site makes it clear that "Q Chat facilitators are not mental health professionals."

The Q chatters seem to go through little to no vetting process. The website explains the facilitators are "staff and volunteers from youth programs at LGBTQ+ centers across the country."

Kathy Hoffman

Democrat Superintendent of Public Instruction Kathy Hoffman, a top education official in Arizona, is no stranger to the far-left LGBT agenda.

In 2019, Hoffman worked with the "Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network" on efforts to remove a ban on classroom discussions of "abnormal, deviant or unusual sexual acts and practices."

The Arizona Office of Education website has a variety of pro-LGBT resources. Students are given links and contact information for local and national LGBT groups. There is even a link to a college scholarship fund for LGBT students.

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