State Weaponization

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by Paul Brock III  •  •  May 23, 2022   

Unethical and inhumane

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Arguably, the most overused phrase in the modern world is "mental health" — and this is especially true right now, as it's "Mental Health Awareness Month." Despite not having a clue what "mental health" actually means, media heads and politicians seem to ramrod the term into every script.

Scripture teaches man is made in the image of God

In reality, mental health involves both the physical brain and the spiritual soul — but the secular psychology of the day ignores the soul.

Since it's not built on a solid anthropology, the modern mental health industry has no stable foundation. Without understanding man as a body–soul composite, suffering patients are stripped of their humanity, and ethics become null.

Being a human is no longer measured by man's bearing the image of God, and ethics are no longer measured by reason. Instead, being human is determined by the present social and political powers, and ethics are concerned only with subjective feelings.

Despite psychology's purpose being "the study of the soul," this is left unstated in psychology classrooms, even at conservative, Christian universities.

Although I am greatly indebted to Hillsdale College for my undergraduate education, my psychology coursework neglected any "study of the soul." 

The modern mental health industry has no stable foundation.

And my experience isn't unique. A friend of mine who graduated from Franciscan University of Steubenville recalls a similar experience:

With a major in clinical psychology and a solid foundation in Catholic teaching, I am extremely disheartened by the curriculum in even Catholic universities. Even there, students are taught how to bring their Catholic faith to heel for the sake of secular treatment. It ought to be the other way around.

My friend speaks of the compromise made by so-called faith-based psychology wherein it subordinates Christianity to a secular agenda. Rather than truth acting as the "North Star" and allowing everything to flow from that, this compromised mindset makes the secular world the North Star. 

If psychology were taught the correct way, it would focus exclusively on the object of the study; that is, the soul. And because the soul is the form of the body, this would only lead one to a better understanding of the body, for the body is animated by the soul. This is antithetical to both the mainstream mental health system and the watered-down "Christian" version of psychology.

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Both entities are subservient to the current culture, which is formed by the State — and because of this, the entire measure of "mental fitness" is also determined by the State.

Indeed, the mental health system and its various professions are themselves controlled by the State (along with the insurance and pharmaceutical industries). Psychologists, psychiatrists and counselors all receive their authority from the State, while financial backing is provided by the insurance industry and Big Pharma.

So if the State, for example, posits that consequence-free sex is okay, then contraception is okay. If the State endorses divorce and "remarriage," then State-licensed counselors will advise that this is an ethical option. If the State legalizes abortion, then child murder is taught as a way to "free" somebody from anxiety. If the State promotes homosexuality, then psychologists will promote this lifestyle as the "cure" for same-sex attraction. If the State offers genital mutilation to 8-year-olds who have been told they are "transgender," then the mental health profession also falls right in line.

The mental health profession takes its cues from the State.

This corrupt system blows with the wind; it bases its orthodoxy on ideological trends.

The mental health profession gets its authority from the State.

In the '60s, for example, money-hungry psychologists — who make up the mental health system's power structure — saw where the sexual revolution was leading and hopped on board, despite the destruction it would wreak on people's mental health.


The American Psychological Association even brags about its promotion of child murder before it was legalized in 1973: "The association has passed four policies or resolutions since 1969 affirming a woman's right to choose and negating assertions regarding the alleged adverse psychological effects of abortion. APA has also filed 11 amicus curiae briefs in cases involving abortion." 

The mental health system does not see that immoral behavior causes "adverse psychological effects" because its psychology is purely secular and godless. Morals are of no concern to a system that has no spiritual underpinning.

Being morally upright is, concededly, difficult, but the answer is not to ignore the travails of life. Instead, the reality of the post-fall world must be accepted and its effects grappled with.

Christ carrying the Cross

In everybody's life, there is a cross — even just on the natural level. But this truth leads people to the Cross of Christ, because even for unbelievers, His suffering and humiliation are captivating — "for we have not a High Priest Who is unable to sympathize with our weaknesses, but One Who in every respect has been tempted as we are, yet without sinning" (Hebrews 4:15).

For those suffering what they believe to be mental illness, reality must be engaged with and not avoided. The perfection of man is proportionate to the perfection of his soul, and this begins with maturation on the natural level and sanctification on the supernatural level.

This process, which is the only true psychology there currently is, is called "psychomoralitics."

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