Straight Priests Persecuted

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by Bradley Eli, M.Div., Ma.Th.  •  •  April 29, 2020   

Former navy chaplain speaks out

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DETROIT ( - A former Catholic chaplain turned whistleblower is decrying the pattern of gay-friendly bishops who are persecuting straight priests under their authority.

Gene Gomulka

Gene Gomulka, who blew the whistle on his former ecclesiastical superior Cdl. Edwin O'Brien for covering up homosexual abuse in the military, told Church Militant that straight priests can expect persecution.

He cited recent cases including Fr. Eduard Perrone under Detroit archbishop Allen Vigneron, Fr. Paul Kalchik under Chicago cardinal Blase Cupich and Fr. Mark White under Bp. Barry Knestout in Richmond, Virginia.

"With Vigneron who is trying to get rid of Perrone, Cupich who has done in Kalchik and now Knestout, who wants to get rid of White," he noted, "it's interesting that all these prelates are either, or thought by their priests to be, gay or at the very least strong LGBT supporters, while all the priests they are reprising against are all heterosexually oriented."

"Interestingly, you find that in many cases it is a homosexually oriented bishop reprising against a heterosexually oriented priest," observed Gomulka.

"Homosexually orientated bishops," he recalled, "are far, far, far more inclined to cover up sex abuse which in over 80% of the cases involves teenage boys." This is even more troublesome when faced with studies showing "more than half of the U.S. bishops are homosexually orientated," according to Gomulka.

"It's really inevitable," he noted, "that there will be ongoing clashes between gay or gay-leaning prelates and heterosexually oriented priests who — unlike their fellow gay priests— find homosexual predation criminal and homosexual behavior rather disgusting."

Fr. Paul Kalchik

Prelates such as Cupich and Knestout, asserted Gomulka, have reprised against Kalchik and White for calling attention to the "connection between homosexuality and the clerical abuse of minors, seminarians and vulnerable adults."

And it's not just the bishop who is fighting his good priest but the homosexual clerics put in place by these gay-friendly bishops, Gomulka clarified.

"Homosexually orientated prelates," he noted, generally choose "homosexuals to serve as their secretaries" and other important positions such as their "vicar general or chancellor."

Suffering the Consequences

And when told to stop naming the evil of homosexual predation within the Church, good priests refuse to offer "blind obedience" and suffer the consequences, confirmed Gomulka.

"Having served 24 years in the military, as well as being a student of history, one knows what can happen when one exercises blind obedience," related Gomulka. "While some people lack the moral courage to disobey orders like, 'Take no prisoners,' there are others who will refuse to carry out such orders."

Fr. Mark White (WRIC)

But there are often consequences to disobeying superiors, remarked Gomulka, "especially if the people above your superior in the chain of command are equally corrupt."

Considering the current homosexual corruption in Rome, Gomulka reasoned, a priest like White can expect his "chances of the pope supporting him for speaking the truth are very low."

Experts like Fr. Dariusz Oko, who studied the homosexual network within the Church in 2012, estimate that about half of those working in the Vatican are active homosexuals. Oko is best known for his 2012 groundbreaking exposé "With the Pope Against the Homoheresy," which tracked the homosexual infiltration of the priesthood.

Focusing on White's Bp. Knestout, Gomulka recalled that the prelate began his fast-tracked episcopal carrier as Theodore McCarrick's personal secretary and as vicar general for cover-up Cdl. Donald Wuerl, who replaced McCarrick as archbishop of Washington.

Experts ... estimate that about half of those working in the Vatican are active homosexuals.

White's blog, said Gomulka, "addressed not only the abuse perpetrated by ex-Cardinal McCarrick," but also "documented the lies that Wuerl told about not knowing of McCarrick's sexual predation or the predation of a number of Pittsburgh priests he supervised before McCarrick orchestrated his appointment to Washington."

White was ordained by McCarrick but soon transferred to Richmond where "he would no longer have to work for ordinaries like McCarrick and Wuerl," said Gomulka. "Little did he realize, however, that his future bishop would be a creation of both McCarrick and Wuerl."

Bp. Barry Knestout

Integrity of the Priesthood at Stake

And it's not simply about promoting homosexuality, emphasized Gomulka, but about suppressing the truth regarding corruption within the Church.

"Unfortunately, even if Knestout himself is not a sexual predator like McCarrick, he stands in opposition to the truth that White has published on his blog," remarked Gomulka.

Such persecutions are compromising the moral integrity of the clergy, he observed.

"If the priests of the Richmond diocese are not speaking out," he said, "it is either because they are gay and cannot support White for addressing the real cause of the abuse crisis, or because they fear similar reprisals from Knestout which could land them on the street."

"It's really about the future of the priesthood," he related, bringing up statistics showing a one-year drop in U.S. ordinations of 27% "from 590 in 2017 to 430 in 2018."

"If heterosexually oriented priests like White, Kalchik and Perrone are gotten rid of by prelates who do not want to admit to the real cause for sex abuse in the Church, which Fr. White addressed in his blog, even fewer heterosexuals will apply to study for the priesthood," Gomulka surmised.

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