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by Kristine Christlieb  •  •  May 28, 2021   

Florida State University pays

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Jack Denton: "I never imagined I would be fired for being a Christian."

Student leader Jack Denton just won a federal lawsuit against Florida State University (FSU) for denying his right of free speech.

Denton's ordeal began last June in a private chat space with other members of a Catholic student group.

Jack Denton: "In my private capacity, not acting as the Student Senate president, I was just acting as Jack Denton, a member of the Catholic Student Union in our private group chat for Catholic students. I simply sent a message letting people know that a few causes that someone asked us to support ran contrary to our Catholic faith."

A fellow Catholic took screenshots of Denton's comments and sent them to the Student Senate, resulting in Denton's removal as Senate president.

In his comments to other Catholic students, Denton expressed concern about supporting the pro-communist, pro-homosexual Black Lives Matter.

Atty. Logan Spena:

It's a pretty substantial problem culturally among public universities, both in terms of administration and faculty and student bodies. That's why it was so critical that Jack stood up for his rights here. And that's why we were so pleased to get a federal court order [reinstating him as Senate president] back in October and a favorable settlement here.

Denton's lawyer praised the young Catholic for how he lovingly and thoughtfully engaged with the university and stood up for his rights.

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