Student Wants Planned Parenthood Internship, Catholic College Says No Way

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by Ryan Fitzgerald  •  •  November 12, 2015   

"Given that we are a Catholic college, I think it makes sense..."

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COLCHESTER, Vt. ( - Saint Michael's College, a Catholic college in Vermont, has refused to credit one student's desired internship with Planned Parenthood, and now the student is upset.

"One of [the Catholic Church's] most fundamental convictions is that abortion is sin and is murder of a living person," explained Karen Talentino, vice president for academic affairs at the college, "so given that we are a Catholic college, I think it makes sense that we would not form a formal relationship with an organization that not only performs abortions but is an advocate for continuing to perform abortions."

Talentino said she plans to help the student find another more suitable internship.

The student making the fuss, Erin Irons, a senior double-majoring in History and Political Science with a minor in Gender Studies, doesn't agree with the school's decision. She insists the college's administration needs to outline for her the exact criteria involved in a determination of eligible internship opportunities, as well as which organizations satisfy them.

According to the latest reports, the school hasn't yet catered to her demands.

"If anything was to prepare me for the quote-unquote 'real world,' it would have been this internship," she claimed.

Irons, who was raised Catholic but has since lapsed from the Faith, seems to hinge her point on a dubious distinction between the school's Catholic mission and its educational mission.

"I understand that it's a Catholic institution," she conceded. "But it's also an educational institution."

The college has been through a similar dispute before, in 2011, when it likewise denied to count a student's internship with Planned Parenthood. The abortion giant was the party to alert Irons and urge her to check with the school's dean. She did, and the dean let her know the policy hadn't changed.

In light of several recent video exposés depicting Planned Parenthood's involvement in trafficking aborted baby parts for a profit, any such change would have indeed been a strange turn of events.


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