Students Knock for Life

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by Trey Blanton  •  •  July 17, 2020   

Pro-life organization mobilizes students for 2020 elections

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"Some people are very kind. Other people kindly request that you leave their property and threaten to call the police," a pro-life student canvasser said.

Students for Life Action has taken to the streets to knock on doors to raise awareness in six key states on candidates who are pro-life and candidates who are pro-death.

Now in Michigan, Titus Folks is focused on the Legislature: "[We are] helping out with Rep. Bradley Slagh's race, where he's facing a Republican challenger despite being the perfect pro-life champion in the state legislature."

The students are optimistic, notably Melanie Salazar, who shared a pro-life testimony of a woman she met: "She was gang-raped her senior year of high school after rollerskating and I told her, 'I'm so sorry that happened to you,' and she said, 'Well my daughter is not.'"

This woman heroically put her daughter up for adoption and went on to open up a house for unwed pregnant women to live in free of charge.

Between the Culture of Death and those who stand for life, who will you support in 2020 and beyond?

Emily Stumpo: "We have a website: We also have a chat,, where people can ask questions and our regional coordinators will speak to them. So [they should reach out] if they have questions about pro-life apologetics or if they want to send their pro-choice friends to us to talk to [them] online."

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