Pregnancy Centers Saved Half A Million Unborn Lives

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by Max Douglas  •  •  October 6, 2016   

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DETROIT ( - A new study shows pregnancy centers are saving lives and helping taxpayers in the millions of dollars. Care Net released a detailed study Monday showing they've saved 531,977 lives in the past eight years.

The study details that 531,977 women who were act risk to commit abortion chose life after visiting their centers.

On top of saving lives, Care Net-affiliated centers offered more than $56 million in free services to women in 2015 alone. A quarter of a million women received pregnancy tests, 125,000 received ultrasounds, another 125,000 received maternal supplies, and more than half a million received education and counselling.

Care Net operates 1,100 — nearly half — of all U.S pregnancy centers. At least 97 percent of Care Net-affiliated pregnancy center clients have reported positive experiences after their visits.

At age 14, Timily was pregnant and her Mom forced her to go through with an abortion. Moments before the doctor was to murder Timily's unborn child, the doctor was forced to stop after noticing the baby was already five months along.

Timily's Mom had a change of heart after she returned from the doctor's office. "Later she told me that she had seen my ultrasound picture in my file on the desk. She had heard the words of one of the women for the Pregnancy Help Center telling her that God was in control, and she knew we could not go through with it."
This report comes after the vice presidential debate where Sen. Tim Kaine, who identifies as a Catholic, advocates for "women's rights" to abort their children. During the debate, Gov. Mike Pence criticized Kaine for his support of partial-birth abortion.


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