Surgical Abortions Finished in Toledo

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by Rodney Pelletier  •  •  September 19, 2019   

After pressure from pro-life organizations, Toledo is done with surgical abortions

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TOLEDO, Ohio ( - A Toledo-based abortionist is handing in her license after pro-lifers exposed massive code and health violations.

On Sept. 10, Terrie Hubbard, the owner-operator of Capital Care Network of Toledo (CCN), the only surgical abortion mill in Toledo, returned her Ambulatory Surgical Facility (ASF) License to the Ohio Department of Health (ODH) — eliminating the only surgical abortion facility in the Toledo area.

It's the result of months of work by Greater Toledo Right to Life (GTRL), the Right to Life Action Coalition of Ohio (RTLACO) and the Thomas More Society. 

Speaking to Church Militant, Molly Smith — the president of the Right to Life Action Coalition of Ohio (RTLACO) — praised the efforts of Toledo Right to Life and the Thomas More Society, saying they "have succeded in their quest to end surgical abortion in Toledo."

She continued, "It has been an inspiration to watch Jeff Barefoot (president) and Ed Sitter (executive director) navigate some pretty stormy waters to get to this point," adding, "They will be continuing their efforts to shut this facility down completely."

In October 2018, GTRL and RTLACO filed complaints with the ODH, the Ohio attorney general and the Ohio inspector general.

The complaint declares the ODH didn't properly scrutinize the license application filed by Hubbard on behalf of CCN, that she filed an application containing "blatantly false and misleading" information.

It goes on to declare Hubbard attempted "to circumvent a 2018 Ohio Supreme Court decision authorizing the ODH to revoke Hubbard's ASF license after she was discovered operating her Toledo abortion clinic without a written transfer agreement required by Ohio law."

It also noted her abortion mill had an outstanding $40,000 fine for failing to follow state procedures and policies with women who suffer complications during abortions.

Documented sanitary issues include duct tape on an operating table rendering it unable to be properly cleaned and sanitized, unsterilized surgical instruments and no soap or towels in the operating room. 

Complaints also include pre-signed blank prescriptions, unsecured records and no registered nurse present in the facility's recovery room.

Jeff Barefoot, president of Toledo Right to Life, commented, "No other health care provider or business regulated by the ODH or the EPA would be afforded this kind of indifference to the most basic health, safety and patient protections."

Staff at the abortion mill confirmed to Church Militant that although medical abortions are still conducted at the facility, surgical abortions are not available "at this time."

On Facebook, however, the facility posted: "Hey all! Imagine our surprise when we saw some news articles circulating stating we were closed! You'd think we'd be the first to know. We are open and proudly providing medical abortions to folks in NWO. Nothing about the services we offer has changed in months, no need to worry!"

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