Fr. Joe Moreno’s Sister on Priest’s Sudden Death

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by Church Militant  •  •  October 22, 2018   

Susan Moreno unravels the cover-up surrounding the death of whistleblower priest

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The homosexual network is able to silence whistleblower priests before they can unveil corrupt priests, bishops and civil authorities who protect the network.

Such is the case of the late Fr. Joseph Moreno, a priest of the diocese of Buffalo, who authorities claim committed suicide in 2012. Father Joe's twin sister, Susan, however, says her brother was murdered just as he was in the process of outing the network. In an exclusive interview with Church Militant, Susan discusses the facts that show her brother, "Joey," was trying to blow the whistle on corruption in Buffalo.

She spoke of Joey's personal fax machine that sources say the priest used the night before his death to send a fax to a local news station containing information about Buffalo's homosexual network that he was trying to expose.

The fax machine is gone. In his liturgical calendar, there is a fax number to The Buffalo News, it's a secured fax number. The fax machine was his so they can't say that it belonged to the church. The file cabinet that was next to the desk is missing. There's no current files. There's nothing past 2010. So whoever was in that room they were looking for whatever Joey had that he was going to expose.

The single biggest problem of the alleged suicide scenario is that Joey had not one but two bullet holes in the back of his head. A photo from the first autopsy shows two holes in Joey's skull. These two holes match the two holes evident in a photo also taken during the first autopsy. One hole is above Moreno's ear and the second is in the shaved spot behind his ear. It's this second hole that was reported in the second autopsy report to have been found strangely stitched shut.
During the interview, Susan zeros in on these two holes. The first autopsy said the wound behind Joey's ear was the bullet hole. The second autopsy noted that wound as being stitched shut but said the wound above his ear in the unshaved area was the bullet hole that killed Joey.
The first autopsy that was done showed that there was a shaved area back here and that was the bullet hole. When we realized immediately that this was not a suicide, we had Joey exhumed. And the doctor in Pittsburgh said that the gunshot wound was above the ear, which contradicts the first autopsy report that said that this area was shaved.
Michael Voris questioned Susan on this to make sure he clearly understood what she was saying.
"So we have two different holes, two different autopsies pointing at different holes saying that they're the bullet hole?" Voris asked. Susan replied, "Correct."
It seems to be part of a cover-up that the first autopsy made no mention of a second wound of any kind on Fr. Joe's head. The second autopsy did, and this agreed with a report from one of the police detectives assigned to the case, Susan said.
Detective Lima in his report said that there was a gunshot wound here and that there was another wound behind his ear. When we had the second autopsy done, Dr. Wecht had said that the gunshot wound was here and that there was another sutured area back here.
Susan said her brother told her the Tuesday before he died that he was preparing to blow the lid off the homosexual network and that included meeting with the papal nuncio in Washington, Abp. Carlo Maria Viganò.
Tuesday, my brother had a meeting with Bp. Malone for his new assignment. Joey called me immediately after and he told me that he was going to the media. He had files. I asked him for copies of the files. I said, you know, let's do it. And he was waiting on something. I've been told that he was planning a trip to Washington.
Voris questioned her on who Joey was going to meet in Washington. Voris said, "To meet with the papal nuncio?" Susan replied, "Correct. ... One person he was supposed to see Sunday and he was going to give this individual the information that he had gathered over the years."
Susan believes her brother was targeted: "I believe it was a hit job. I believe someone was paid to do it. I do not believe that they acted solely. I think that this was planned and they just did the actual physical act. But there's people behind it and those are the very people that Joey was going to expose."
The bottom line for Susan is she wants her brother's death certificate to read homicide rather than suicide.
"While we may never know who actually pulled the trigger," she said, "we want the death certificate amended to homicide. The individuals have to face God. I wouldn't want to be them."


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