Synod Showdown Report—October 15, 2015

by Michael Voris, S.T.B.  •  •  October 15, 2015   

The latest from the daily Vatican press conferences

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The press conference just wrapped up a little bit ago, and two things emerged from this. One, this Instrumentum Laboris —this is still an issue, because as you look at this, we're now almost done with the second week. There's only one more week to go. This has been the guiding document. They're going through it in sections. Now they're almost done with Part Two, and there are still bishops complaining about this.

At the press conference today, Abp. Gadecki from Poland said that major parts of this just need to be rewritten. It's curious that the leadership of the Synod continues to insist this is it, no changes, this is how it's going to be — while a good number of bishops are still saying, "There are problems with this. We shouldn't be using this as our guiding document." That is what you'll remember, that whole letter, the 13 cardinals, and then it was 10, and then it was nine, then it was 10, then it was — well, there's more than one letter, and all that business that happened earlier this week is all about this document [the Instrumentum Laboris]. And this document was largely prepared by Abp. Bruno Forte and Cdl. Lorenzo Baldisseri. And they have been problems all the way back to last year. It was Bruno Forte who inserted that language about the homosexuals having gifts and qualities into last year's Midterm Relatio which caused that great big huge explosion in the Catholic world.

The other thing also is that as the Synod begins to wear on, there's an awful lot of people right now, faithful Catholics, who are becoming concerned, and many laypeople aren't really sure what they can do. And they feel right about that because there really isn't anything they can do on the temporal level. We can certainly pray; as we've said on the Vortex every day, be sure to pray your Rosary specifically for the Synod, specifically for the Church.

But outside of that, when we're dealing with these sorts of questions about what can lay Catholics do, a number of them are starting to get a little panicky about what's happening. To that end, there's even one effort, an online petition, encouraging some of the bishops to walk out of the Synod — just do a walk-out. While that certainly may be well intentioned, I'm not sure how that would play out because what happens if the Pope turns around the next day and says, "Get back in here"? They'd look a little silly. But it's not the question of petitioning to walk out, it's the point that there are many, many faithful around the world who are starting to get very nervous as they see things unfolding.


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