Synod Showdown Report—October 8, 2015

by Michael Voris, S.T.B.  •  •  October 8, 2015   

The latest from the daily Vatican press conferences

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Near the end of today's press conference, which just ended a few hours ago, a sort of surprising thing happened. A question was popped by a guy; I don't want to say he's a reporter because he's not. His name is Francis DeBernardo, and he is the executive director of New Ways Ministry in the United States. That's a group that has been banned by the Vatican, or denounced by the Vatican, because it is a pro-gay, pro-gay marriage, pro-sodomite, pro-homosexual Catholic organization (or claims that name Catholic) that wants to get the Church to change its teachings and accept same-sex "marriage." Executive Director Francis DeBernardo actually got press credentials in here today.

How did this man get press credentials, and then on top of it was picked to ask a question?

Now there's been an awful lot of talk going on that what's going on in the Synod is something very different than what is being reported in the press hall. What's reported in the press hall is this constant stream of discussion about gay this and gay that and they are our sons and daughters, etc. The guy doing most of this talking is the papal spokesman, Fr. Thomas Rosica. He is continually in the hall, sometimes up on the dais. He was on the dais on Tuesday in this particular clip we're going to show you right now, and this is what he had to say about the whole gay issue then:

The language must be renewed. And there is a close-knit link with the Jubilee of Mercy. The Jubilee of Mercy, which will begin in December, also requires a new form of language, both public and private. The Jubilee of Mercy requires a language of mercy, in particular in speaking about homosexuals or gay persons. We do not pity gay persons, but we recognize them for who they are. They are our sons and daughters and brothers and sisters.

So we're going to do a little more investigating here in the coming days and weeks and find out how a guy who is pro-gay — he's admitted it, he has a blog that wants the Catholic Church to change its teachings, he's just a blogger and executive director of a pro-gay organization, he has nothing to do with media — how did this guy get media credentials to go into the Synod press briefing and then get chosen to ask a question to Abp. Palmer-Buckle (of course, a very pro-gay question)?

The whole thing smells of a set-up. So, how did this happen?


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