Synod Showdown Report—October 9, 2015

by Michael Voris, S.T.B.  •  •  October 9, 2015   

The latest from the daily Vatican press conferences

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Wrapping up with today's press conference, a lot of it was on the Instrumentum Laboris, which is the guiding document for all the things that the bishops are talking about.

On the question of the Instrumentum Laboris (IL), the IL has an interesting history. It's a combination of the Final Relatio from last year that was brought forward to this year and then embellished, and all kinds of things were added in.

We told you at the beginning of our coverage here earlier this week that there was this great uproar by people who were looking at it and saying, "Wait a minute! There's stuff in here that's not Catholic. It's chaotic, it's messy, it doesn't make sense, there are all sorts of objections in here, it doesn't follow Church teaching here and there."

Now that the bishops have been in the Synod for about close to a week now, they have had a chance to all look over it and go through it, and many of them have started raising the same concerns.

Here's the funny thing we were told by a source of ours inside the Synod Hall. Many of the bishops said, "Wait a second, there are some things in here that we don't want in here. These shouldn't be in here!"

And they were told, "Well, if you want to get them out, it will require a two-thirds vote."

Now immediately some of these bishops responded and said, "These things came in from the last Synod and these questionable parts got in here with just a simple majority vote, just 50 percent plus one. Now you're telling us to get them out, we have to have a super majority of 66 percent plus one? That doesn't seem fair."

That is one of those indications again from behind-the-scenes information from inside the Hall that things are being manipulated, that this thing is being taken to a specific outcome, it's being engineered, and even over the objections of some of these bishops who are saying, "We don't think this is right. This isn't the way this should be.”

So stay tuned for this. The Instrumentum Laboris really is the thing that gets talked about a lot on the margins. There are issues inside the Laborum. Again, that is the guiding document. It's the list of topics we're talking about and how we're talking about them. Those topics are being talked about, certainly. We've reported on them all week. But the big thing is that overall, the Instrumentum Laboris is really beginning to be objected to by many of the bishops in there, and they're being told to shut up, sit down and keep quiet.


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