Taking Action Against Church Corruption

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by Bradley Eli, M.Div., Ma.Th.  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  June 7, 2019   

Investigative journalists, whistleblowers and law enforcement working together

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Church Militant is launching its Action Arm whereby investigative journalists, whistleblowers and law enforcement can coordinate their efforts in a secure manner to put corrupt clerics behind bars.

Incriminating evidence from inside sources alone is not enough to take out bad bishops as seen by the recent case of Bp. Michael J. Bransfield, former bishop of the Wheeling-Charleston diocese. Recent revelations that Bransfield misappropriated millions of dollars has not resulted in his arrest.

Whistleblowers like Siobhan O'Connor, former secretary of Buffalo's Bp. Richard Malone's, talking to big media isn't enough to even get Malone to resign. Investigative journalists like Charlie Specht of Buffalo's WKBW reporting non-stop on Malone's many cover-ups of clerical sex abuse is not enough to see Malone resign let alone have him arrested. Church Militant realizes that investigative reporting and bad PR isn't enough to clean up the deeply rooted corruption within the Catholic Church.

What does work is having professionals like seasoned law enforcement officer Detective Brian Berg track predator priests like Fr. Robert DeLand.

DeLand was a longtime homosexual predator in Michigan who was arrested, convicted and put behind bars owing to Berg's professional work. Berg got fired following his pursuit of DeLand. As reports surface of local law enforcement being complicit in the cover-up of clerical sex abuse, it's even more apparent that good guys like Berg need to be employed.

Church Militant has worked with whistleblowers and law enforcement around the country to help expose Church corruption. Church Militant has many informants in dioceses across the country and around the world. Action Arm is a vehicle by which Church Militant, whistleblowers and law enforcement professionals can coordinate their efforts in a private and secure manner to see corrupt priests and bishops not simply retired but arrested.

Separate and secure email addresses are now set up to receive anonymous communications by law enforcement, whistleblowers and other sources who wish to provide confidential tips.

Action Arm further involves the hiring of private detectives to do the gumshoe investigating that's necessary to take down corrupt Church members. Donations to this fund will support the detectives' travel expenses, pay for costly interviews with various individuals across the country and fund the many hours of fact-gathering and on-the-ground research required of by these investigators.

If you wish to provide secure and anonymous information to expose the evil within the Church or wish to help fund professionals who can put that information to work, contact Church Militant Action Arm by clicking on the link here.

Watch the panel discuss what it takes to put corrupt clergy behind bars in The Download—CM Action Arm.


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