Planned Parenthood Beats Corporate Giants’ Market Share

by Stephen Wynne  •  •  August 3, 2017   

Taxpayer-funded giant dominates abortion industry

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WASHINGTON ( - A new study is revealing the extent of Planned Parenthood's dominance over the U.S. abortion industry.

A paper just released by pro-life think tank Charlotte Lozier Institute (CLI) shows that in 2015 Planned Parenthood (PP) induced more than one-third (35.4 percent) of all U.S. abortions.

To put that figure into perspective, electronics giant Samsung owns 21.6 percent of the LCD television market, carrier Southwest Airlines occupies 19.1 percent of the domestic air travel market and automotive pioneer General Motors holds 17.3 percent of the automotive sales market.

Study authors Charles Donovan, CLI president, and Dr. James Studnicki, CLI vice president and director of data analytics, note that PP's penetration of the abortion market is extraordinary.

"The level of market dominance for abortions demonstrated by PP could be taught in business schools as the ultimate example of strategic planning and execution," they write, "It is a defining activity."

"Planned Parenthood," observe Donovan and Studnicki, "is unquestionably and clearly by design, the dominant provider of induced abortions in the U.S." Abortion, they confirm, is the organization's very reason for being.

In their research, the authors examined two of the abortion providers' core claims:

  • PP is "an irreplaceable component of our country's healthcare system"
  • PP provides "lifesaving care"

They found that contrary to abortionists' claims, PP is neither "irreplaceable," nor a significant provider of "lifesaving care."

Donovan and Studnicki first examined PP's reach and found that even after years of clinic closures, its capacity is immense with almost 650 facilities across the United States and affiliates in a dozen countries abroad.

According to its most recent annual report, PP's net assets total $1.5 billion and its annual revenue $1.1 billion. For the fiscal year ending June 30, 2016, taxpayer funding totaled some $555 million.

In 2015, PP provided 9.5 million services or "unique clinical actions" for 2.4 million visitors.

Sexually transmitted infection (STI) testing and treatment made up 44.9 percent of services. Of this figure, 99 percent involved testing only with no treatment provided. STI testing is a prerequisite for surgical abortion.

Planned Parenthood's second-largest area of services in terms of volume was (principally abortifacient) contraception.

But cancer screening and prevention — widely-touted whenever taxpayer funding is threatened — totaled just 7 percent of total services. Figures for prenatal services and miscarriage care, meanwhile, were negligible.

From these figures, Donovan and Studnicki determined that PP is replaceable, as it provides a trivial percentage of the United States' total non-abortion services.

From 2011–2016, PP "increased its service-to-unique-client ratios for contraceptive services (+2.1 percent), STD testing (19 percent) and abortions (25 percent)." But in those same five years, "other PP services were deemphasized as shown by the decline in service-to-client ratios for breast exams (-37 percent) and pap tests (-37 percent)."

Abortion represents 3.4 percent of total services, but as a percentage of revenue, they write, it is "a much larger component of the group's work, with estimates ranging from 10 percent of total revenue to as much as one-third of its clinic revenue from all sources."

Donovan and Studnicki conclude that PP could save far more lives simply by closing its doors, rather than through any other service it provides.


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