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by Trey Blanton  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  May 4, 2021   

The people voted when council refused

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Texas added No. 26 to the list of "sanctuary cities for the preborn" with the inclusion of Lubbock after a vote on Saturday. Lubbock is the largest city to date (with a population over 250,000) that is now defending life.

Mark Lee Dickson, director of Right to Life of East Texas, is grateful for the victory: "I'm very thankful that we did get this ordinance passed and so now the act of babies being murdered in the city is not allowed."

Over 33,000 voted on the pro-life proposition, with 62% in favor of becoming a sanctuary city.

This vote overturns the refusal of the city council to act in November 2020, when the ordinance was brought to the council to vote on. Dickson continues: "The state delegation had asked them to pass this ordinance before Planned Parenthood started murdering babies in the city. And, of course, they didn't."

Catholic councilman Juan Chadis said of his decision to not pass the sanctuary city ordinance: "My concern is if this ordinance were to pass, we, as a city, would be exposed to a costly legal battle."

The active Knights of Columbus member made his decision to not fight for life, despite the fact abortionists have withdrawn previous lawsuits against smaller Texas towns who became preborn sanctuaries. Dickson notes, "In the midst of all that, it didn't cost the cities any money — it was the right thing to do, it's what the people wanted and they had no regrets. And so, had the mayor of Lubbock reached out, he would have heard that."

The diocese of Lubbock, under Bp. Robert Coerver, released a statement leading up to the vote. Coerver says he viewed Planned Parenthood's return to Lubbock as "an opportunity for reflection."

And despite writing that you "cannot be silent in the face of such evil," the bishop adds the diocese is "prevented from 'campaigning' on one side or the other of this issue."

Lubbock parishioner, B.J. Trevino, is speaking out: "The Catholic Church, at its root, even for non-Catholics, people know that the Catholic Church is very pro-life. We're very black and white when it comes to things like this. And for our community and our leadership to say, 'No, be quiet,' that just appalled me." 

In order to facilitate the non-constitutional concept of  "separation of Church and State," Bp. Coerver sent a delegate to remove a pro-life sign from in front of a local parish.

Trevino recounts the incident: "But, you know, rather than coming and knocking on the door and saying, 'Hey, Father, hey, B.J.; Bishop said, 'You need to take down your sign.' He ran off like a thief in the middle of the day."

When bishops are unwilling to fight for life, it falls to the laity to speak out against evil.

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