Faithful Catholics to Marquette: Cancel Pride Prom!

by David Nussman  •  •  September 26, 2017   

Online petition garners nearly 18,000+ signatures

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MILWAUKEE ( - Faithful Catholics are up in arms about a homosexual and transgender "Pride Prom" slated to take place at Marquette University on April 14. The event is advertised online by Marquette's LGBTQ+ Resource Center. Marquette, a Catholic university, has been run by the Jesuits since the university's founding in 1881.

One Catholic organization, the Student Action branch of the American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property (TFP), is calling on Marquette to cancel the LGBTQ+ Pride prom. A coalition of faithful Catholic college students, TFP Student Action, is gathering signatures in an online petition, insisting that the event should be canceled.

Pride Prom is scheduled in Alumni Memorial Union, the same building that houses the Chapel of the Holy Family.

One part of the petition's text notes that "'Pride Prom' is scheduled in Alumni Memorial Union, the same building that houses the Chapel of the Holy Family, where Our Lord in [the] Holy Eucharist is present."

After citing the Catechism's teachings on homosexuality, the petition concludes, "Therefore, no Catholic campus should sponsor a dance that legitimizes unnatural behavior which deeply offends God."

The TFP Student Action website also has the contact information for the president of Marquette University, Dr. Michael R. Lovell. The site asks, "Please keep your communications polite yet firm."

The American TFP is an autonomous member of the international TFP, a Catholic fraternal organization dedicated to preserving Christian society through a cultural counter-revolution, which is to say a return to Christian morality and doctrine. In 1960, the first TFP was founded in Brazil by Prof. Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira, who authored Revolution and Counter-Revolution, which TFP calls its "handbook." Tradition, Family and Property combats Marxism, the sexual revolution and other progressive ideologies undermining Christian culture.

Marquette University is run by the Society of Jesus, a men's religious order of priests and some consecrated brothers. The religious order was founded in the 16th century by St. Ignatius of Loyola and others during the Counter-Reformation. The Society of Jesus has a relatively short history as compared to other orders but highly significant, as Jesuit missionaries were instrumental in bringing the Gospel to the Americas and some parts of East Asia.

In the 19th century, the Jesuits established many Catholic institutions of higher learning in the United States. Their universities and prep schools were held in high regard among both Catholics and non-Catholics, owing to high academic standards.

But things have changed dramatically since then. Today, the Jesuits often have a bad reputation among faithful Catholics owing to widespread heresy and liturgical abuse on the part of some Jesuits, as well as an allegedly massive homosexual subculture within the religious order's ranks.

As the case with Marquette University illustrates, it is fairly common for a Jesuit university to have some form of club or office dedicated to homosexuality and transgenderism.

Xavier University in Ohio, for instance, has a student club called the LGBTQ Alliance. (The Alliance's public webpage has not been updated in several years, but the club is still very much active.) For years now, the Alliance has hosted an annual "LGBTQ Week" and has sponsored various other events every school year, often inviting speakers to campus who make a living off of promoting homosexuality and transgenderism.

Currently, Xavier University's website lists an event scheduled for October 19 titled "LGBTQ Alliance Drag Show: HalloQueen." It will take place in a banquet room attached to the Cintas Center, the home court for Xavier's NCAA Division One men's and women's volleyball and basketball teams.

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