Bishops’ Gun Control Stance: Making Catholics Less Safe

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by Rodney Pelletier  •  •  August 22, 2019   

The US Catholic bishops seem to have no interest in protecting Catholics from gun violence in church

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In the wake of mass shootings U.S. Catholic bishops continue to call for stricter gun control.

El Paso, Texas; Dayton, Ohio; Gilroy, California — three of the most recent high-profile shootings within the last month.

While some Protestant denominations are encouraging members to carry firearms and train for shooter scenarios, Catholic bishops are trying to disarm firearm owners on Church property. 

In 20 years, there have been 18 church shootings with only two happening on Catholic Church property. But more and more bishops are disarming law-abiding parishioners, turning churches into potential hunting grounds for mass shooters.

In fact, the vast majority of shootings — fully 94% — occur in gun-free zones according to statistics from the Crime Prevention Research Center.

Following the Aug. 4 shooting in Dayton,Ohio, the U.S. bishops issued a call to change national policy on firearms. In 2017, they declared the need for a "total ban on assault weapons," demanding things that are already state or federal law, including background checks, gun trafficking, limitations on the purchase of handguns and gun locks.

As U.S. bishops continue to echo Democrat talking points, some are asking why they aren't considering the possibility that their measures may make the faithful less safe, not safer.

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