Children Not Safe at Catholic Hospital

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by Kristine Christlieb  •  •  May 17, 2021   

Hospital denies abortion referral

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In its phone greeting, Cardinal Glennon Children's Hospital claims its "love for kids just keeps on growing." But a veteran pro-life activist says the Catholic hospital is referring children for abortion.

John Ryan has been doing sidewalk counseling since the 1980s.

On March 16, a couple showed up at the Hope abortion mill in Granite City, Illinois, across the river from St. Louis.

The couple talked to Ryan and disclosed their baby was four months along but had medical problems.

They said a doctor from Cardinal Glennon, part of the Catholic health care system called SSM Health, referred the child for abortion.

John Ryan:

He talked quite awhile actually. And he said, "I went to Cardinal Glennon because they helped me when I was a kid. They helped me out so I trusted them." And whoever the doctor was, not only recommended and referred them to Hope [Clinic] but he said — it was a "he" anyway who he was talking to — told him that if they waited, at seven months they'd have to drive to Colorado [for an abortion].

Ryan immediately called the hospital, describing the conversation he had with the dad.

For three years, Ryan has been asking parents at Hope abortion mill who it was that referred them for abortion.

He knows the March 16 incident is not an isolated occurrence. He's documented referrals from SSM Health, founded by the Sisters of St. Mary and based in St. Louis.

St. Mary's Hospital in St. Louis is also part of the SSM Health system.

Ryan has medical records documenting St. Mary's' involvement in abortion counseling.

One record included this information: 

We discussed that the decision to terminate the pregnancy is a personal decision, and we will support her and the father of the baby whatever she decides. Patient and father of the baby expressed desire to return to Hope Clinic for termination. They plan to call Hope Clinic and reschedule the procedure.

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