The Democrats Are Evil

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by Rodney Pelletier  •  •  January 14, 2020   

Presidential candidates debating evil in Iowa

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Over the last 30 years the tenets of the Democratic Party have gone towards socialism, but now they seem to be heading towards communism. The newest group of Democrats running for office are running on some of the most extreme platforms in U.S. history.

Forcing homosexuality, transgender ideology, feminism and the loss of personal freedoms for the so-called common good are now part and parcel of the Democratic platform.

Abortion is also one of the party pillars. The presidential candidates are sure to pop "a woman's right to choose" in nearly every public speech — to the applause of pink hat-wearing feminists and media pundits.

Democrats in the House of Representatives have spent their time during the presidency of Donald Trump opposing and obstructing any of his efforts to reduce Planned Parenthood's dependency on U.S. taxpayer funding.

They've gone so low as to oppose Republican legislation that would ensure that children born alive in botched abortions get life-saving medical care — blocking the law dozens of times. They have made the Democrats the party of infanticide.

They've opposed any sort of immigration reform, despite holding opinions identical to Trump during the presidencies of Barack Obama and Bill Clinton. They have the gall to accuse Trump of being anti-life by keeping babies at the border locked up in cages — all this while accepting the slaughter of the unborn.

Forcing homosexuality, transgender ideology, feminism and the loss of personal freedoms for the so-called common good are now the Democratic platform.

The Democrats in Iowa's debate support all of these talking points. In the last few weeks Julián Castro, Marianne Williamson and Cory Booker dropped out of the race, thinning the candidate field down from nearly 20 candidates a year ago now to only five.

Candidates in the debate are embracing the most evil doctrines and promoting them as good.

But the indicator that things have become truly deplorable in the United States is that people promoting evil get votes — and many times it's Catholics doing it.

Watch the Church Militant panel discuss the Party of Death in The Download—Evil, Evil Democrats.

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